The origin of this part getting to be a Place Presents is quite funny, let me explain. About 3 weeks ago we saw that we were tagged, it was Tim (Janke), he had posted a story announcing that at the recent adidas event he was going to be previewing his new Place part…

Film & Edit by Frederick Schneider.
Text by Roland Hoogwater.

The funny part was that we didn’t know about this, so I called the organizer of the event a.k.a. adidas and he was under the assumption that we had spoken to Tim about it. We ended up giving Tim a ring and he thought skatedeluxe had talked to us. It ended up going well though and not to put Tim on blast, we knew him personally before so we also knew that we would love to host his part.

So without further ado here are Tim Janke and his friends Damian Gribl, Sascha Scharf, Tabo Löchelt, Arda Cetinel, Filip Wojnowski, Lorenz Rammelberg, & Leo Mattasits