Today we are back with our weekly Place Present & this time we arrive in Agadir Morroco. A place that is shown through the lens of Frederick Schneider, Tim Janke & Josua Wielandt, and the experiences of his crew of skaters including Kai Boblenz, Michael „Jesus“ Häusler, Simon Gärtner, Totti Herrmann amongst others. We love North African hospitality and we see it represented in this video along with some very high-quality tricks. With all that said, don’t trust our words instead read & watch what the crew itself created for you. Enjoy!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Video & Text by Frederick Schneider.

Photography by Josua Wielandt & Tim Janke.

Back in January this year, 8 skaters from all over Germany and Filmer Frederick Schneider escaped the German winter to a more uncommon skate destination: A 10-day skate trip to Agadir, South Morocco guided by Agadir‘s local hero Badr Jet Lee including everything this beautiful country has to offer: hospitality, excellent weather, good food and the curiosity for skateboarding by the Marrocan locals

Starring: Kai Boblenz, Michael „Jesus“ Häusler, Simon Gärtner, Totti Herrmann, Tim Janke, Josua Wielandt, Marius Mohr & Badr Jet Lee.