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Roberto Presedo comes back with another video called“Bolts Boffa”, it wont disappoint you, it features some good bangers from the same crew as in the last Boltswagen videos from Montreal. If you like this video you will definitely like the last 2 Boltswagen videos that were part of our Place Presents series.

Featuring: Simeon Chauvette, Alex Gavin, Thomas Galarneau, Jessy Jean Bart, James Dion, Mason Cluett, Emile Prenoveau, Vinny Blouin, Tommy Holweg, Evan Tanc, Doogie Lester, Matt Dupuis and more.

Nate Feldhaus’s N8: Chrome Country Part was filmed by Kevin J. Syens. Nate shows us some good manual combos. This part’s music will give you the right kinda cozy vibes.

“Libro de jasp” is a Barcelona-based video filmed by Pepe Betancourt. Our favorite trick is the Front Crooked Pop Shove-it over the rail.

Featuring: Jasper Levine, Ori Kimchi, Marcelo (Chelo) Mendez and Finn Thijmen Mostert.

Otto Ray filmed his “Green Hand” video in the Bay Area. It has old and new clips from some of...

Ingo Conrad’s “Leon” Video for TX Sports is filled with some bangers from Leon Akpinar skating Parks and Spots in and around Franken, a region in the south of Germany. We are excited to see more in the future.

In his new Shake Junt part, Yuri mainly skates Milan and Barcelona. An office favorite is the Nollie Backside Tailslide...

This video was filmed by Olivier Mertens in the summer and autumn of last year. You can witness some upcoming...

A very recent Los Angeles Video comes from the filmer Felix Soto. The 14-minute long Video has some good and classic LA skating by the newer generation.


Waldo Diaz, Kader Sylla, Hart Pullman, Austin Barks, Dill, Tyler Pacheco, Theo Clarke, Tristan Funkhauser, Derricke Nua, Marley Humphrey, Alex Moran, Taihoutokura, Dustin Partridge, Ivan Glenney, Axel Glenney, Leonardo Favaro, Cody Chapman, Felipe Munhoz, Leonardo Bodelazzi, Lucas Marques, Brody Jacobson, and Connor Klein.

Yama Skateboards went to the Balkans and came back with 16 minutes of rough but great skateboarding on the streets of Ljubljana, Thessaloniki, and more. You might know Yama from their last video which was also a Place Presents but now they are looking for a signature Place Presents style Sales Bump for Yama Skateboards with this new project.

Film & Edit by Simon Steinbrecher.

Photos by Jan Federer.

I want to start off, by possibly apologizing to our friends in Greece, we’ve heard through multiple sources that people in Greece do not consider themselves as part of the Balkans. Then again, these same sources did confirm that during their own separate travel through the Balkan region, they could not deny that there is a strong connection. Yama gathered a squad consisting of several skaters from the Balkans, Greece, and their own Austria-based crew, to create the magic you will see in this video.

“We’ve heard through multiple sources that people in Greece do not consider themselves as part of the Balkans…”

The trip itself feels like a lot of bonding happened, beer was drunk, and spots were handled. So much so that at one point the can was empty. But with a diverse crew consisting of bicycle repairmen, doctors, musicians, and more we are sure all bases were covered in the end.

Lastly, we want to thank all involved in making this happen, Lori & Simon for editing, Yama for trusting us, and Notis for allowing Yama to use his ….. that will also be in the Vans video. By now Dr. Fuxl will have returned to his praxis, Lori will be fixing bikes and Simon is… well we don’t know if he wants you to know what he is doing out in Vienna… So all in all, we don’t know how you feel but we are excited to see more from the Yama crew and family. We hope you enjoy “Place Presents: Sales Bump by Yama Skateboards”!

We got sent this wonderful video by Cole Walton featuring the skateboarding of pro surfer Jesse Guglielmana who seemed to be able to handle concrete as well as H20. With some guest tricks by Nick Melanson and a co-sign by Andrew Allen, this all comes together really well. We are excited to see more from this crew in the future!

Young Swiss/Parisians on the come up with this part by Aidan Chung, made together with Raoul Barberis. We are excited for what is next because this might be the start of something really good. Enjoy!