Corbin is a beautiful last name. If one types it in on one of the better search engines you will get the option to go to Wikipedia and see many a French Historian, an American Poet, or the Corbin Building in New York the name rings but we are waiting for someone to make one about this young French footage machine called Hugo Corbin.

One doesn’t know what lies ahead of Hugo, he is a very driven person and it is completely feasible that he possibly could be added to that wiki list of impressive Corbin’s sooner rather than later. Because we feel like he will not rest his on laurels until he achieves what he has set his mind to.

To add to that point, 72 hours better known as 3 days is what it took the “Vaires sur Marne” born skater to produce this little video part. That is an impressive feat when you think not only of the time you had to do land and film the right tricks but also because of the distances he and Peter Buikema had to cycle through Europe’s largest city*.

In the end, it is a blessing and a curse to be good at skating (he also has a great wheelie on two-wheeled objects), but when you manage your energy right, the right people will take notice. So chapeaux Hugo, you did it again and that is great to see!

*Area-wise, not population-wise