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The new Ishod Wair Max Part is a 3-minute long part dedicated to his new shoe the “Wair Max”. The part was filmed in the cities that he skates the most: His hometown of Los Angeles, Paris, and Copenhagen. One of our personal highlights was the frontside heel combos at the famous Parisian bank-to-ten stair spot.

Young Swiss/Parisians on the come up with this part by Aidan Chung, made together with Raoul Barberis. We are excited for what is next because this might be the start of something really good. Enjoy!

Bye Jeremy just dropped a new Paris edit and a new line of products, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Featuring Theo Meas, Olli Lila, Carlisle Aikens, Ishod Wair, William Monerris, Erik Herrera & many more.

Sebastien Rolando and Tom O’Reilly in Valentin Ferreira’s all new edit straight from Paris/France.

Featuring Filip Aiha, Sauvageon, Alastair Pathe, Auguste Bouznad, Samy Sebaoui, Hugo Fernandes, Marcel Aiha, Vincent Touzery, Roman Gonzales, Manuel Schenck, Aurelien Barcelo, Sengo Prevost, Leo Breuillac, Stanley Pradel.

Filmed and edited by Arthur Giat.

Wasted Paris is back with a banging new video out of NOWHERE and straight onto your screen. It is for sure a step up from their last video and that is what we are looking for out of companies like this.

Once ever so often a unique character comes by and Amiel Kornicki is one of those characters! From his gear to his trick and spot selection. he seems to shine in wanting to be his own person. This is precisely why Ethan Moriceau & Mati Bouhassira chose to make a 20-minute-long mini-doc around the person Amiel has become.

The shorter “Video Part” version is also included for people that want to see “Amiel Kornicki the skater”. We thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope that even after you watch the part you will be so intrigued you wish to see the doc immediately. Enjoy!

Bye Jeremy just released a new video filmed over the summer in Paris. Always a good watch, lovely edit. They have just released a bunch if new items to their web shop, so you better be fast.

Featuring Jose Vivero Diaz, Arthur Myhill, Steven Sklena, Benji Silva, Luca Barattiero, Carlisle Aikens, Marcos Montoya, Olli Lilja, Kusti Kauppinen, Thaynan Costa, Jerome Sossou, Kyle Wilson, Naquan Rollings, Sagan Lockhart, William Monerris, Fidel Balthazar, Jahmir Brown & Erik Herrera.

Simon Volpoet definitely succeeded in pushing the boulder up the hill with this part. A lot of powerful maneuvers in this really nice video part. We are fans. Chapeau Simon!

Filmed and edited by Thomas Larive.

Paris local crew Wasted Paris released a new 13-minute edit filmed between Paris and Bordeaux featuring Seb Mouron, Juan Renoux, Victor Cascarigny, Arthur Giat, Nicolas Beduneau, Arthur Fontis, and more.

Filmed and edited by Arthur Giat.

Sometimes u get to opportunity to see people grow, knowing that their "final version" is going to be very dope. Today with Ethan Moriceau & Noe Ishibashi Horiwaki we have that feeling! Whether it would be in skating or in film, art, or literature..

Chase Walker released a sick new video mostly filmed in New York City featuring a few familiar faces like Trung Nguyen, Zak Anders, Alan Bell, and Isaac White. We´re big fans of the editing. Nice one, Chase!

Check out their brand “Latenitestars” HERE.

2020 feels so long ago. For most skateboarders it´s a year which they relate to sitting/skating at home, not being able to travel, and therefore not being able to see friends from different countries. Rassvet‘s “I Missed You” quickly reminds us of that time but also, more importantly, it shows us what happened afterward. Ever since the borders were reopened the Rassvet team has been traveling, skating, and filming for this video project. We can say for certain: It came out great!

Filmed and edited by Trevor Dare.

It is an understatement to say that OG’s are of the utmost importance in skating, they teach you, show you their path and make paths to guide you through. If you know Luidgi Gaydu’s history then you know he did just that for many people we know consider influential skaters. So, pay your respect to one of the people that have put their brick in the wall that is skateboarding.