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Bye Jeremy just dropped a new Paris edit and a new line of products, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Featuring Theo Meas, Olli Lila, Carlisle Aikens, Ishod Wair, William Monerris, Erik Herrera & many more.

Theo Meas and Sebastien Cao don’t waste their time sitting at home and chilling in front of their phones. They have been traveling a lot recently and after being to Mexico, and Costa Rica, crossing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, they went to South East Asia to see more of the world. The result of this trip is this sick video with a lot of good skateboarding and a very nice creative and playful edit. Good work guys!

A new one by Macéo Moreau – a name you have been reading a few time over the last couple of years on our website. Especially in combination with Europe’s most productive skater: Victor Campillo.

The things you can do on your iPhone combined with the things you can do on a skateboard can create a pretty good outcome if you are as talented as Theo Meas and Sebastian Cao, who happen to went on a three month backpacking trip from Mexico to Costa Rica, crossing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Really enjoyed this one and it made u want to go on a trip again as well.

The future looks bright! Barcelona, Spain is known as Europe´s skate travel destination number one, and most of the time we see its spots skated by international pros and then sprinkled into various parts and tour edits. Not with this video though. Barcelona´s very own brand Sopa Skateboards just released its latest project called “EL VIDEO” and it´s refreshing to see the next generation of locals skating their own city. We are fans! Filmed & edited by Tomas Codina.

Support them by buying something from their website!

Sengo Prevost & Carlisle Aikens are definitely the outstanding stars of this edit by Jeremy. Besides that, there are a few surprises in there by people who are usually behind the camera such as Quentin De Briey, Steffen Grap and the man himself Jeremy.

You can buy “Bye Jeremy” for example at Bonkers FFM online.

Featuring Sengo Prevost, Jose Vivero Diaz, Arnau Truque, Carlisle Aikens, Erik Herrera, Theo Meas, Deniz Yilmaz, Steffen Grap, Nicolo Giovannoni, Daniil Kercz, Jerome Sossou, Morgan Katomba, Olli Lilja, Benji Silva, Luca Barattiero, William Monerris, Quentin De Briey and Jeremy himself.

Filmed and edited by Jeremy with additional filming by Theo Meas.

Paris became really hot just around the same time the Blobys became big and nothing has been the same since. Theo Maes and his crew are the younger guys and it is very interesting to see what they are coming up with. Big fans of the edits and everyone involved – much love! Can’t wait to see where they are all going.

“OUIGUI” is featuring Abel Leblanc, Maceo Moreau, Cyril Deschamps, Francky Eyoum, Victor Campillo, Theo Meas, Stanley Pradel, Tom Abord, Kevin Ozcan, Leo Breuillac, Sebastien Cao, Simon Souchois, Kabelo William Letoaba, Thibault Lenours, John Beader & Leo Sicot.