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After a longer break, Romain Batard is finally back with a new installment of one of our favorite ongoing skate series a.k.a. Giddy. Number 12 is completely filmed in the cities of Monterrey and Mexico. We get why a lot of people go there lately – the spots look amazing.

2020 feels so long ago. For most skateboarders it´s a year which they relate to sitting/skating at home, not being able to travel, and therefore not being able to see friends from different countries. Rassvet‘s “I Missed You” quickly reminds us of that time but also, more importantly, it shows us what happened afterward. Ever since the borders were reopened the Rassvet team has been traveling, skating, and filming for this video project. We can say for certain: It came out great!

Filmed and edited by Trevor Dare.

The things you can do on your iPhone combined with the things you can do on a skateboard can create a pretty good outcome if you are as talented as Theo Meas and Sebastian Cao, who happen to went on a three month backpacking trip from Mexico to Costa Rica, crossing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Really enjoyed this one and it made u want to go on a trip again as well.