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Finally, we know what the one and only Beagle is smoking. The “Shrimp Blunt” is his new smoking delight, and it seems to hit just right. Beagle and Shane Heyl brought together the whole(!) Shake Junt family and put out another masterpiece full of hijinx, good times, movie skits(!), and some amazing skating. The perfectly fitting soundtrack makes it even better. Eat that shrimp!

Get some Shake Junt HERE.

These videos coming out of Canada, more specifically Vancouver BC are really upping the level when it comes to well put together videos. Interesting trick choices, spot selection, and music choices are definitely a big thing in VC

Talking about VC there are similarities between Antosh Cimozko, Jake Kuzyk and now Chance’s style of doing things. This means that in a while we might be able to start speaking about a Vancouver school of filmers/editors. Exciting!

For now just press play and enjoy.

In just one year this film was being produced and the first time we heard about the name “Encore” was only a few weeks ago. Good marketing, a lot of effort and the right timing combined with world-class skateboarding.

Encore features Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Miles Silvas, JB Gillet, Bastien Salabanzi, Spencer Hamilton, Robert Neal, Marek Zaprazny, Devine Calloway, Carlos Ribeiro, Brian Peacock, Wade Desarmo, Franky Villani, Patrick Zentgraf, David Jakinda & more.

Bang.. Bang.. Bang!, Transworld has been firing shots at anybody that is competing for the crown of the best magazine. Now who is the best is debatable but one thing is sure TWS has their ear to the streets when it comes to young talent and Antosh Cimoszko is doing it right now!if you don’t know him by now check him out by clicking this link.

Spencer Hamilton has been one of Supra’s main guys for a minute now, in this day and age that kind of brand loyalty seems to be hard to find and when you hear Spencer talk about his history with the brand you feel like he is still very hyped on Supra. They, in turn, decided to give Spencer his own well-deserved colorway of their new shoe the flow. This clip is definitely a little trip down memory lane both for Spencer and for us 20 somethings that saw Supra emerge in the early 00’s with Muska, Greco and Antwuan Dixon.

Supra just released a 5 minute clip, schowing the best of Spencer Hamilton. Here’s what we thought while watching this journey all around the globe…

– Spencer smokes while doing huge SW BS Kickflips – 1:03
– Spencer has a faible for coloured wheels – 1:12
– Spencer is real ghetto… See 1:54
– Was that Jaws at 3:57?
– Where’s the play again button?

Wenn das SUPRA Team für zwei Wochen durch das vereinigte Königreich reist, kommen da ganz schnell ein paar Minuten exzellente Footage rum – genau genommen 15! Mit von der Partie sindNeen Williams, Kevin Romar, Lizard King, Braydon Szafranski, Chad Muska, Jim Greco, Furby, Erik Ellington, Stevie Williams, Tom Penny, Nick Tucker, Boo Johnson, Spencer Hamilton, Pat Rumney, Dee Ostrander, Keelan Dadd, Lucien Clarke und Oscar Candon, der richtig abliefert!

Die Jungs von SUPRA haben sich, nach ihrem Berlin aufenthalt, in den Osten begeben und eine heisse Session am Stalin Square abgeliefert. Mit dabei sind unter anderem: Chad Muska, Spencer Hamilton, Neen Williams, Keelen Dadd, Kevin Romar, Lizard King, Lucien Clarke und Tom Penny.

Was könnte Spaß besser ausdrücken als 8 Minuten King Of The Road Footage deiner Lieblingsskater, wahrscheinlich 9 Minuten aber man soll ja bekanntlich aufhören, wenn es am schönsten ist.
Den Anfang machen heute Toy Machine mit ihrer Ausbeute von Thrashers K.O.T.R 2012

Independet Trucks hat einen neuen Clip mit Julian Davidson.

Lizard King macht uns neugierig, was im Deathwish Video so auf uns zukommen könnte.

Small Wheels veröffentlicht Anton Myhrvolds Part aus dem Video HOME IS in BCN Skateboarding

Spencer Hamilton plaudert über sein erstes Board, Barcelona und Bad Habits.