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Just a wonderful project about being together as friends. Wesley Banford shows his friends in the most flattering way and we are not all that surprised to see Neema Joorabchi’s name in there either. Something is brewing in Cali.

Ooh Oh Den Haag… is the first thing we thought when we saw this part by local The Hague skaters Billy Hoogendijk and Jair Gravenberch.

Truth be told this is a nice part, showing the consistency and level of Billy’s skating while simultaneously showing the growth that Jair has been going through since the last time we saw him.

Being Transworld you have to deal with a heavy legacy when it comes to videography and skateboarding in general.

Not every video can be Feedback or The Reason but every TWS video has it’s highlight and Ronnie and Robbie’s part is just that, a highlight. Enjoy!

Sometimes we prefer to watch an entire video at once and Spirit Quest is such a video. To understand Colin Read’s vision you need the full picture but to understand and appreciate the level of skating in this video we needed separate parts.

Hiroki Muraoka truly delivered but did not get the shine that he deserved before but with this online release he gets another day in the spotlight.

Bobby De Keyzer’s last name means “the emperor” in Dutch and like his name requires him to do he is ruling skateboarding in his way. Meaning, his skating is amazing, the perfectly fitting music was made by a friend and Chris Thiessen’s filming and editing truly brought it all together. Probably Bobby’s best part to date!

Great designs and a very good skate team are what Buttergoods offers us with this “short film” inspired by KRS-ONE.


Ben Gore, Alex Schmidt, Taylor Nawrocki, Phil Marshall, Casey Foley, Alex Campbell, Morgan Campbell, and Mike Arnold.

“365 days on the road. Sleeping in cars, camping outside in nature or crashing at skaters’ places around the globe. This was not meant to be a skate trip, but the chain of connections of skateboarders and filmers made it more and more into one. The result was six minutes of VX footage I filmed with great dudes in The States, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. Special thanks to Mike Sass, with whom I started and finished this project.—Pascal Reif” Amazing job, guys!

A classic hip-hop saying goes “If you don’t know now you know!” and that is exactly what these Manolo’s tapes are all about. And let’s not forget it is not only Manolo who raves and rants about these FTC videos people have been saying for years that videos like Penal Code 100a are absolute classics so bringing it back for a new generation to see is the best thing one can do.

This Transworld montage shows us once again how many unknown great skaters are out there, skate nerds might recognize some and time will tell maybe some will make it big.
With that being said, everybody in this montage has his own charm. Enjoy!

What is open and what is closed? Surely we as skaters know how to walk that tightrope between what is open (for the moment) and what is not, even though the banks were never “ours” to begin with we certainly created a space (and a claim) for ourselves there.

Read up on the status of the banks by clicking the link bellow and we suggest you also write a letter because the Southbank campaign showed us there is always strength in numbers.

Click here to read the article.

Write that goddamned letter.

Transworld has been killing it in 2017 and this video produced proves that amongst other things. It is a collaboration between Mandible Claw and The Northern Co. and the video makes it clear that skating Onitsuka Tigers is a thing and that thinking about the editing before you start filming can make a difference. Enjoy!

Our great friend and supporter Lucas Beaufort has just released a new trailer for his documentary film DEVOTED. As you may know, we will be featured as one of the print media outlets and we are honored to be involved in such a major project. Lucas knows how to inform the crowds and that is why he dropped an interview and a new trailer together with the guys over at Jenkem. Enjoy!

Click here to read the interview

Bang.. Bang.. Bang!, Transworld has been firing shots at anybody that is competing for the crown of the best magazine. Now who is the best is debatable but one thing is sure TWS has their ear to the streets when it comes to young talent and Antosh Cimoszko is doing it right now!if you don’t know him by now check him out by clicking this link.