Probably the most criminally underrated thing you will see all year even if this dropped in the early 00’s. We remember seeing the videotape in our local when we started skating, now we are sad we didn’t buy it because it is truly a masterpiece.

Dan Wolfe is often praised for his early East-Coast work but this really shows the full spectrum of the work he put in and put out in the early 00’s. Most likely you are at home now, working or not make sure to take some time off to watch this. You won’t be disappointed.

Go over to Jenkem Mag for more words & context about this project.

A polarizing figure, a favorite to many, the worst for others but a close friend to Joey Sinko who made this heartwarming portrait of skateboarder Corey Duffel.

Head over to Jenkem Mag to read a bit more on the how, when, and why’s of this project.

Last Summer in Malmö we met Diego during one of our many visits, He was very nice and was friendly to everyone, he didn’t get recognized that much and his back certainly didn’t seem “fucked” either.

He does, however, have an interesting way about him, Jenkem explored his vibe in this interview they did with Diego.

Read the interview here.

Photo by Ben Colen.

Jenkem put out a nice video of the theories guys in the windy city. It is nice to see that Josh Stewart is still putting these out for us fans of the static series.

It’s a London ting innit!

Featuring: Korahn Gayle,Cam Barr, Jeremy Jones, Sam Roberts, Kyle Wilson, Lucien Clarke and Tommy May.

Our great friend and supporter Lucas Beaufort has just released a new trailer for his documentary film DEVOTED. As you may know, we will be featured as one of the print media outlets and we are honored to be involved in such a major project. Lucas knows how to inform the crowds and that is why he dropped an interview and a new trailer together with the guys over at Jenkem. Enjoy!

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For those of you that have followed Eli Reed for a longer period of time, you know what kind of a transition he has undergone. From looking like the white member of Dipset to dressing like Bjorn Borg we love his ability to pull it off. Now as far as his skating goes not that much has changed, he’s still a tech skater that gets gnarly from time to time and if you think there is no gnar in this part you have never tried to skate a Jersey barrier before.

As most of you might have noticed, skateboarding officially just turned an Olympic sport and is listed for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Since, there are now to opposing camps intensively discussing whether this development is good or bad and the skateboard scene is threatened to break apart, Jenkem Mag trys to bring about peace with a really funny short article about what kind of skateboarding events they can imagine to be part of the Olympic Games.

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Antonio Durao ist gerade 18 geworden, zählt zu den vielversprechendsten Talenten der amerikanischen Ostküste und wird schon jetzt von gewissen Personen als “The next big thing” gehandelt. Bei Sponsoren wie Nike SB, Supreme und Girl Skateboards steht einer Karriere eigentlich nicht mehr viel im Wege, wenn er denn will.

Via Jenkem Mag.

Es gibt wenige Skater die so stark polarisieren konnten, dass sie auch nach über einem Jahrzehnt noch im Gespräch sind. Arto Saari ist eigentlich noch gar nicht so alt, wie er manchmal aussieht. Trotzdem war es für die Jungs vom Jenkem Mag an der Zeit, dem sympathischen Finnen eine Ode zu widmen. Skateboarding kann so romantisch sein!