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We have met Jim Greco several times over the last few years and we are big fans of his work. He found himself his own genre and keeps on being productive. Jim loves details and this movie is filled with them. This film is wonderful from start to finish.

Jim Greco directed this new film and as with everything you do you keep getting better and better.

Now it is obvious when you talk to people that Greco’s work seems to divide people into groups who love it and groups who don’t like his direction and will be vocal about it. And we can see why, with Jim being as polarizing as he is but with this project he changes focus from himself to 2 young skaters.

Leandre and Ludvig, a pairing that might not look obvious on paper but one that works oddly well! Never hurting one another but leaving the other room to do his own thing.

The music – a jazz tune – is guiding and binding melting the two skaters into one project, it is truly nice to see.

Another binding factor is the use of film instead of digital camera’s creating a more classic feel and depiction of the city of Los Angeles.

The question that remains is… Does this film create the same division or is it the moment people see Jim’s work in a new light? That is up to you, the viewer. Enjoy!

Watch “Year 13” & “Jobs Never” or read our interview with Jim Greco by clicking here.

A polarizing figure, a favorite to many, the worst for others but a close friend to Joey Sinko who made this heartwarming portrait of skateboarder Corey Duffel.

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A new masterpiece with and by Jim Greco and mostly shot by Joey Sinko. We’ve met Jim a few times over the last years and people like him are the reason that skateboarding can still be cool. As a matter of fact, Jim is showing elegance in a very dramatic way, combined with the appearance of Tom Penny. Thank you, Jim!

After 2016’s film “The Way Out” comes this year’s “Year 13” and once again Jim Greco managed to create something that stands out. The music is different, the way it has been shot is diverse, the way Jim dresses seems out of time and really the only critique we have are the heavy slo-mo’s,  they do remind us of Baker’s Bootleg video which does make sense in some way.

The great constant in both films is the fact that it’s always Jim out skating with his longtime friends. In a sea of youth-driven culture Jim just sticks to his crew and if he continues putting out this film we will have a great document of what growing older in skateboarding can look like.

Disclaimer: Take your time to watch this, because it is quite the ride.

Thema: Perlen des Internets. Joey Sinko schnitt einen Andrew Reynolds Part in chronologischer Reihenfolge, gemischt mit einigen Flashbacks, und ließ diesen Remix mit Roxy Music unterlegen. Eine Mischung aus Nostalgie und Aktuellem, welche den Status The Boss noch einmal verdeutlichen sollte. Falls du nah am Wasser gebaut bist, solltest du für die Schlussworte vielleicht ein Taschentuch am Mann haben.