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After 2016’s film “The Way Out” comes this year’s “Year 13” and once again Jim Greco managed to create something that stands out. The music is different, the way it has been shot is diverse, the way Jim dresses seems out of time and really the only critique we have are the heavy slo-mo’s,  they do remind us of Baker’s Bootleg video which does make sense in some way.

The great constant in both films is the fact that it’s always Jim out skating with his longtime friends. In a sea of youth-driven culture Jim just sticks to his crew and if he continues putting out this film we will have a great document of what growing older in skateboarding can look like.

Disclaimer: Take your time to watch this, because it is quite the ride.

As a skater, you know that there are two things that you are almost constantly on the hunt for, one being new boards and the other being new shoes. Sometimes you might spend your last buck on some skateable second-hand shoes just so you can keep skating. You might not care about the shoes you are skating but you should because what you wear is a big part of your style.

A little while back Supra was kind enough to send some shoes to our office. I always like to read wear tests so we tried to find the right crew so we could do our own wear test. We decided it would be cool if two good friends, Steffen Grap and Johannes Schirrmeister worked together to test the shoe. We asked Steffen to shoot the photos and Johannes was eager to try out the shoes.

As soon as Johannes slipped on the Cuba, he started to skate them and it seems like they were ready straight out of the box. We cruised around and had fun with it, finding or creating some spots along the way. After the session, I asked Johannes what he thought of the shoe and he said basically skated and held up well and he particularly liked the special edition Crown Coalition colorway (black and yellow) and the addition of the lace (most slip-ons seemed to slip off after a little while).

supra collage 5

supra collage 3

supra collage 2

supra collage 1

From the start, Supra as always had a strong image with staple shoes like the Skytop, but they also had a very diverse squad of team riders from the get go. Supra’s shoe designs are similar to their team, very diverse. The Cuba Basically is a classic slip-on that has been tweaked by adding some little extras that improve the way the shoe’s fit. The version we tested even had an ollie patch adding to the durability of the shoe.
All in all we like what the brand is doing, they are giving international guys like Lucien Clarke and Oscar Candon the spotlight, and they also seem to support their team’s other creative outlets like Muska’s venture into the art world and Jim Greco’s “The Way Out”. We feel that Supra seems to be moving in the right direction.

Skater Johannes Schirrmeister
All Photos by Steffen Grap
Text and edit by Roland Hoogwater

Spencer Hamilton has been one of Supra’s main guys for a minute now, in this day and age that kind of brand loyalty seems to be hard to find and when you hear Spencer talk about his history with the brand you feel like he is still very hyped on Supra. They, in turn, decided to give Spencer his own well-deserved colorway of their new shoe the flow. This clip is definitely a little trip down memory lane both for Spencer and for us 20 somethings that saw Supra emerge in the early 00’s with Muska, Greco and Antwuan Dixon.

Supra just dropped a real nice interview with Jim Greco, in this interview he talks about his movie project, art, his attitude towards his life and many more things. Greco still is one of the most polarizing figures in skateboarding and it this is maybe this first time ever you get a glimpse of his thought process.

Read the interview and watch the film here!

It is well known that Chad Muska likes to diversify and dabble into other things. From making music (Muskabeatz 1212), tagging to designing. He has now combined his ideas and started to create art. Supra ventured out to his studio and did an interview with the Muska about his activities.

Click here to read what he had to say

Supra is killing it lately! A couple of days ago they released the second installment of the Supra dispatch tour / documentary series and now they hit us with nine minutes of NYC bangers. Their consistent video output, the diversity of both the team and the product have solidified Supra as a mainstay in the world of skateboard footwear.

go check out:

Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Lizard King, Dane Vaughn, Oscar Candon, Boo Johnson, Sascha Daley, Lucien Clarke and Pat Rumney skating through New York.

Photo by: Ryan Allan

Der Franzose Oscar Candon gehört sicherlich zu den angesagtesten Europäern in den vereingten Staaten und das wird seiner Karriere in Zukunft sicherlich nur zugute kommen. Krew dazu: “Just as it sounds. We can’t explain it. You got it or you don’t. Oscar Candon’s got it.” – Schön gesagt, wir sind stolz.

Antwuan Dixon
sitzt seit einigen Monaten hinter schwedischen Gardinen, wegen erneuter Verletzung seiner Bewährungsauflagen. Erik Ellington und Andrew Reynolds konnten ihn aus dem kalifornischen Gefängnis befragen und Antwuan gab einige hoffnungsvolle Antworten. Wenn alles gut läuft, wird der Deathwish Pro schon im August wieder auf freiem Fuß sein.
Quote Antwuan

Antwuan Dixon

Antwuan Dixon ist eine der schillerndsten Figuren unserer Branche und befindet sich immer mal wieder hinter schwedischen Gardinen. Just in diesem Augenblick sitzt er erneut im Gefängnis und wird gleichzeitig wieder auf der Supra Footwear Seite gelistet. Auch sein Boardsponsor Deathwish Skateboards will zur Freilassung Antwuans ein limitiertes Pro Board releasen, um ihn auf seinem Weg zurück aufs Brett zu unterstützen. Wenn Antwuan also weiterhin eine gute Figur macht, wird er angeblich im Juni wieder freigelassen.

Erik Ellington schreibt einen Brief an Antwuan. Mehr dazu unter #freetwuan auf Instagram.

Das neue Jahr wird bei Supra Footwear mit einem Rundumschlag aus 2013 feierlich begonnen. Im Rückblick wird einem nochmals klar, wie viel gutes Zeug die Company in den letzten zwölf Monaten fabriziert hat und egal ob neue Promodels, Teamfahrer, Firing Lines, Tourvideos oder Demos: Greco, Muska und Co. haben richtig Gas gegeben. Rewind!