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Bronson Speed Co.’s first tour took the team through the south of the US and besides shotgunning a dangerous number of beers the guys also seem to have an excellent time skating, which resulted in remarkable ten minutes of footage.

Featuring Aaron Homoki, Dakota Servold, Ben Raybourn, Dylan Witkin, Chris Gregson, Blake Carpenter and Aj Zavala.

Right when I saw Simon Bannerot’s part from the Watercolours video earlier this year, I had already prophesied him to become someone with a bright future. Only a couple months later he is touring together with the other new face Tyler Pacheco with the first squad of the Girl Skateboards team through Washington State.

Featuring Cory Kennedy, Rick McCrank, Mike Carrol, Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, Rick Howard and more.

FOFA is the name of the clique around maestro Miles Silvas and they went across the Atlantic to Spain for a two-weeks stay in Barcelona. And the long way was very much worth it!

“As adults it’s nearly impossible to plan a big skate trip with all your childhood friends, let alone 14 days in Spain. In September we did just that: amazing skate spots, beautiful beaches, tapas, a side mission to Zaragoza, Damm lemons, Jamboree, and some of the best times of our lives. FOFAlona was one for the books.” – Alan Hannon

Featuring Alan Hannon, Miles Silvas, Miika Adamov, Kilian Zehnder, Andy Dicker, Ryan Martin, Brandon Burdine, Will Grayson and Brenden Stadelman.

What I like most about this edit is the quality of the tricks. Usually tour clips feature mostly B footage because the skaters, of course, want to save the best shots for something more serious. But this one is different. At the end, I felt like I just watched a solid part of a full length, which is quite nice and makes this one very worth watching!

Featuring: Neen Williams, Frankie Heck, Ryan Lay, Chris Wimer, John Dilo, Daniel Dubois, Demarquis Mcdaniels, and Ryan Townley.

This summer I met William Hall by chance at my local skatepark in Berlin. His easy and light-footed skating caused my interest, so I actually asked him if he would be down to do something for PLACE with me during his stay. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy the following days, so we did not manage to shoot some photos or anything. But recently, he hit me up with this clip he and his friends from the Hollywood skate shop in Stockholm, Sweden, made during their tour in Berlin. I find the way in which they perceived the city quite interesting and the skating is pretty good, too, so I was down to post it for sure.

Featuring: William Hall, Erik Svedberg, Emma Lindgren and Mateo Bergil.

Gloomy weather in England, but the DC Shoes crew including flagship Wes Kremer shines anyway!

Featuring: Wes Kremer, Thaynan Costa, Antony Lopez, Jorge Simoes, Sam Pulley, James Bush, Dave Snaddon, Dylan Hughes, Nikki Howells, Sam Murgatroyd, John Bell.

Due to its mild climate, Spain has always been a preferred travel destination for Europeans especially in the winter time. So also Farid Ulrich and his friends traveled to Barcelona to take a break from the gloomy and cold weather in Germany. Fortunately, Farid’s good friend Vincent Heller had brought his camera with him and filmed whatever came in front of his lens with the result of this pretty tour clip, which is edited by Mr. Ulrich himself. Hack!

Thumbnail by Marcel Boer

Supra is killing it lately! A couple of days ago they released the second installment of the Supra dispatch tour / documentary series and now they hit us with nine minutes of NYC bangers. Their consistent video output, the diversity of both the team and the product have solidified Supra as a mainstay in the world of skateboard footwear.

go check out:

Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Lizard King, Dane Vaughn, Oscar Candon, Boo Johnson, Sascha Daley, Lucien Clarke and Pat Rumney skating through New York.

Photo by: Ryan Allan

The Supra team experienced the scene of Paris. As every city has its own history, they let legends like Artus De Lavillèon, Benjamin Deberndt and Stephane Larance get the chance to speak about the developments Paris had gone through and combined that with some great archived footage, as well.

Name-Dropping: Daniel Espinoza, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker, Vincent Alvarez, James Capps, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen und Sylvan Tognelli. Das sind ganz schön viele professionelle Skater in einem Clip. Dazu kommt, dass diese im vergangenen Sommer das europäische Festland und die britischen Inseln besucht haben.