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A lot of Louie Lopez footage in this one.

Featuring Louie, Alec Majerus, Collin Provost, Simon Bannerot & Amos Wilton.

A heavy one. You think they had a deal with AirBNB?

Feat.: Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez, Milton Martinez, Jackson Pilz, Simon Bannerot, Collin Provost and Jhanca Gonzalez.

It feels like that Girl Skateboards is stronger than ever and it is safe to say that you could blame it on their new talent. Watch Niels Bennett, Tyler Pacheco, Simon Bannerot, Sean Malto & the one and only Rick McCrank skating the city of London.

If you have ever watched any Sk8rats clip you already know what to expect. They unwaveringly keep the classic skate montages alive.

Featuring Danny Hamaguchi, Sean Istaste, Sebo Walker, Shane Auckland, Niels Bennett, Travis Harrison, Brian Baca, Sean Motaghedi and Simon Bannerot.

With its ups and downs I’d say 2016 was all in all a solid year for Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. Some of the good moments of the past year are composed in this review edit.

Featuring Vincent Alvarez, Tyler Pacheco, Brandon Biebel, Simon Bannerot, James Capps, Jerry Hsu, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Justin Eldridge, Kenny Anderson, Andrew Brophy, Elijah Berle, Cory Kennedy, Chris Roberts, Jeron Wilson, Zach Saraceno, Griffin Gass and Johnny Jones.

Fly outs, lines, back-to-backs and good times. That’s what Girl and Chocolate Skateboards made of their day at Rosemead, California. To see Andrew Brophy in there as well is maybe not enough to claim that with Girl he might have found a new board sponsor after Cliché went out of business, but still interesting enough to start a rumor.

Featuring Tyler Pacheco, Vincent Alvarez, Simon Bannerot, James Capps, Andrew Brophy, Justin Eldridge, Rick Howart and Jerry Hsu.

I wonder how it feels to get ‘highfived’ by Rick Howard. Simon Bannerot & Tyler ‘Manchild’ Pacheco are scouted very well, to say the least. Here is their very first Lakai section filmed in NYC:

You probably know Girl Skateboard’s newest young gun Simon Bannerot already from their recent tour clip. Now Simon’s home boys released a little full length called “Chongo”. Set mostly in Washington it is filmed and edited by Parker Boyes and a fairly nice watch, especially – how could it be any different – the footage of Simon Bannerot is amazing.

Right when I saw Simon Bannerot’s part from the Watercolours video earlier this year, I had already prophesied him to become someone with a bright future. Only a couple months later he is touring together with the other new face Tyler Pacheco with the first squad of the Girl Skateboards team through Washington State.

Featuring Cory Kennedy, Rick McCrank, Mike Carrol, Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, Rick Howard and more.

This edit shows what it means if somebody like Gonz surprisingly appeares at your spot and changes your average day into something extraordinary, which you might remember for quite a while. By the way, Gonz is looking strinkingly solid on his all too small bicycle.

Featuring Mark Gonzales, Rick Howard, Chico Brenes, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco and Simon Bannerot.

Nowadays, it almost seems like the suddenly appearance of young unusual talents became the usual. Being a damn good skateboarder does not mean one makes a lasting impression on the minds of people, but still there are some kids out there that have something special, kids like Simon Bannerot you probably never heard of, but who is able to skate everything, has a great powerful style, a good choice of spots and tricks and an elegant taste for music, as well. Altogether will make you watch this outstanding part from the Watercolours video over and over!