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A very recent Los Angeles Video comes from the filmer Felix Soto. The 14-minute long Video has some good and classic LA skating by the newer generation.


Waldo Diaz, Kader Sylla, Hart Pullman, Austin Barks, Dill, Tyler Pacheco, Theo Clarke, Tristan Funkhauser, Derricke Nua, Marley Humphrey, Alex Moran, Taihoutokura, Dustin Partridge, Ivan Glenney, Axel Glenney, Leonardo Favaro, Cody Chapman, Felipe Munhoz, Leonardo Bodelazzi, Lucas Marques, Brody Jacobson, and Connor Klein.

San Francisco’s Otto Ray made a new video dedicated to Pablo Ramirez and it shows a bunch of unseen angles from the recent GX1000 video. We could watch the crew nonstop. Good one!

This is for everyone who didn’t get a big enough GX1000 dose from their last video offer. San Francisco local filmer Cody Thompson contributes a lot of footage to the GX1000 videos but that doesn’t mean he’s not making his own videos. Luckily the scene there is so productive that Cody can bless us with this amazing 47-minute video.

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Since the GX1000 crew probably skated almost every spot in San Francisco they went to Portland, Oregon to skate some new things. We have to say it feels a bit weird to watch a GX1000 video with no single downhill in it but their videos never disappoint.

Filmed and edited by Cody Thompson & Otto Ray.