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There is nothing better than a trip to a foreign place with all of your best friends and if you disagree with that you either haven’t been on one or you should consider getting rid of you friends.

Tristan Warren brought his friends to Vienna, Barcelona and Milan and dumped the footage he wont use for his video in this excellent presentation of a tour video.

Supreme opened a store in Milan and Bill and the gang are back with some new friends!

Kader has been putting out a lot of footage lately and that is a good thing for sure. But at the same time, the titles to these clips make you wonder if he feels like he is getting what he wants from the game?

Time will tell, and until then we will just enjoy these regular drops of footage.

Here it is DREAM2021MOVIEVILLE, a video that feels like an early Baker video mixed with A Happy Medium and a fair bit of Illegal Civ 2 put together into a 2021 blender.

We put out a very positive review of the trailer a while back and now get ready for the full thing. And no matter what you think, positive or negative it is hard to remain neutral about a project like this and that is worth something in itself.

Lately, there has been a multitude of videos from younger filmers that have had this: “The world is not alright!” type of feel. Videos like Naquan Rollings’ KILL BILL are good examples of that.

But this video makes you feel like we arrived in a post-apocalyptic world at times! Burning cars, scary run-ins with the homeless (possibly mentally ill), and a guy getting so heated that he went and chased some younger skaters with a gun! If you feel good about the direction we are going in then either you didn’t watch the same thing we just did or you enjoy seeing these sorts of things.

Anyway, it is powerful to see a skate-video translate and incorporate these things and weave them into the fabric in such a way that the whole thing leaves a strong impression on the viewer. Great work by Tristan Warren, we can’t wait for the full-length.

This is the last time you will see Kader in a pair of Vans and the first time you are going to see him skating Nike SB’s – unofficially.

A film by William Strobeck filmed by Tyler Warren.

A new video by William Strobeck, dedicated to Pablo Ramirez.

Featuring Pablo Ramirez, Kader Sylla, Rowan Zorilla, Kevin Bradley, Vincent Touzery, Sage Elsesser, Tyshawn Jones and many more…

For a moment there we thought Baker was going stale but we should have know better than to doubt the boss and his friends.

And while everybody is talking about Kader we had some TK flashbacks when we saw Donta Hill step on the board, a good look for Baker once again.