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San Francisco’s Otto Ray made a new video dedicated to Pablo Ramirez and it shows a bunch of unseen angles from the recent GX1000 video. We could watch the crew nonstop. Good one!

This is for everyone who didn’t get a big enough GX1000 dose from their last video offer. San Francisco local filmer Cody Thompson contributes a lot of footage to the GX1000 videos but that doesn’t mean he’s not making his own videos. Luckily the scene there is so productive that Cody can bless us with this amazing 47-minute video.

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Since the GX1000 crew probably skated almost every spot in San Francisco they went to Portland, Oregon to skate some new things. We have to say it feels a bit weird to watch a GX1000 video with no single downhill in it but their videos never disappoint.

Filmed and edited by Cody Thompson & Otto Ray.

When Felix Soto is not filming for Baker, he’s still out in the streets filming his friends. That is dedication to the streets and we love it. His latest video “GOOD TO BE ALIVE” shows that not only the Pros can deliver amazing skating, but the homies can too. Good one!

Finally, we know what the one and only Beagle is smoking. The “Shrimp Blunt” is his new smoking delight, and it seems to hit just right. Beagle and Shane Heyl brought together the whole(!) Shake Junt family and put out another masterpiece full of hijinx, good times, movie skits(!), and some amazing skating. The perfectly fitting soundtrack makes it even better. Eat that shrimp!

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Watching this video you can’t help but get the feeling that the (once) big DC shoes are entering limbo. About two years ago they decided to scrap a plethora of big-name riders and started to focus more on a nostalgia led movement based on the east coast.

Some people from the Philly based Sabotage crew and NYC based John Shanahan got pushed to the forefront, while at the same time, Josh Kalis got elevated to ICON status. The rekindled interest in his older shoe designs is an authentic movement but let us not forget that DC also sponsor: Thaynan Costa, Evan Smith, Tristan Funkhouser and to some extent Wes and Tiago who somehow represent a bridge between the old and the “new” identity of the brand.

Still, DC seems to be somewhat torn between the multiple lanes it tries to occupy leading with “Street Sweeper” to a somewhat eclectic video that somehow manages to balance all these different facets of the “game”. But the question remains what is next and how will they keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant.

Maybe you “the viewer” can deduct an early answer from this video. Enjoy!

Japan is having a moment right now! Everybody seems to want to travel to the land of the rising sun for the spots, the culture and the overall vibe. The people over at DC recognized this momentum and sent some heavy hitters over. Making this a must watch, you can’t really argue against Wes Kremer’s or Evan Smith’s skating can you?

photo by DC Shoes

Let’s start at the end and work our way to the start. Young Rowan is turning pro and rightfully so! He has been ripping quite hard for quite some time now and if he is able to bring back that late nineties Slash hat Vans needs to give him a shoe! The rest of the team is edited together in a montage. some have more some have less footage but most of them come through. Most notably Dustin Dollin who has been skating like he is a danger to his own health, comes through with a Boulala-escque power move! All in all the Baker promo does what it promises and it does it all to a soundtrack that goes well with your morning coffee and that is a very good thing.

Tristan Funkhouser surprises with a second Part in the currently released Substance video. Next to his first part in the video he also already had a full part for Baker two weeks ago. So it is not just that Tristan released three full parts in just one month, moreover each one of them is provided with incredible skateboarding and Tristan does not seem to slow down.

DC Shoes begrüßt zugleich zwei neue Gesichter im Team, und die stellen sich vor, als ob es keinen Morgen geben würde. Tristan Funkhouser und Bobby De Keyzer sind ab sofort und offiziell im Team. Da klatscht sogar “The Boss” höchstpersönlich. Guten Morgen!

Der folgende Tourclip zeigt, warum Amerikanern Skateboarding in Europa viel Spaß bereitet. Es gibt gute Spots, wenig Busts, diverse Events, viele Fans und das ein oder andere Kaltgetränk. Demenstprechend bewährt sich unser alter Kontigent als ideales Reiseziel für die Bande von Baker Skateboards mit dem Boss Andrew Reynolds an der Spitze. Für diesen erfrischenden Touredit könnte die Zeile “Put the fun back into skateboarding” geschrieben sein, denn es ist mächtig was los in Kopenhagen & Co.