Tag: Justin “Figgy” Figueroa

Finally, we know what the one and only Beagle is smoking. The “Shrimp Blunt” is his new smoking delight, and it seems to hit just right. Beagle and Shane Heyl brought together the whole(!) Shake Junt family and put out another masterpiece full of hijinx, good times, movie skits(!), and some amazing skating. The perfectly fitting soundtrack makes it even better. Eat that shrimp!

Get some Shake Junt HERE.

Justin “Figgy” Figueroa ist sicherlicher einer der härtesten Hunde unter der Sonne. Anders kann man sich kaum erklären, wieso man freiwillig in so ein Kink-Rail reinspringt. In der neusten Folge von Whats A Guy Gotta Do!? wird der komplette Kampf gezeigt – K.O. in der letzten Runde.