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If you are a fan of Patrick O’Dell’s “Epicly Later’d” series from back in the day you are going to love this short documentary featuring Tyson Peterson, who just happen to have a new colorway out on Vans.

Since it is pretty quite at the moment with new releases we again stumbled upon Rowan’s “Baker 4” part, watched it twice and decided it is time for you to re-watch this instant classic. It is not the original upload but you can give the whole video a watch in better quality and an official upload agreement HERE.

A bit of The Gonz mixed with Nick Trapasso & Ellington is what comes to our mind while watching Rowan skate. The perfect song, a good trick selection and a few surprises here and there and you have Rowan’s part in Baker 4. The perfect part to go out skating right after.

Kader has been putting out a lot of footage lately and that is a good thing for sure. But at the same time, the titles to these clips make you wonder if he feels like he is getting what he wants from the game?

Time will tell, and until then we will just enjoy these regular drops of footage.

This is the last time you will see Kader in a pair of Vans and the first time you are going to see him skating Nike SB’s – unofficially.

A film by William Strobeck filmed by Tyler Warren.

You gotta have love for a true skate-rat style skate shop. Lotties is a strong staple inside and outside of the scene, they are based in.


Our favorite new Baker Am comes through with a nice leftover offering set to a classic but sometimes problematic song. And while we are on the topic of songs Mr. Hill is two for two because that last song was a great pick!

We said it before and we will say it again. Baker is back, although they were never really gone. We are nut sure if all the new released videos mean that Baker 4 will not be coming, but we definitely like their increase in productivity within the last few weeks.

For a moment there we thought Baker was going stale but we should have know better than to doubt the boss and his friends.

And while everybody is talking about Kader we had some TK flashbacks when we saw Donta Hill step on the board, a good look for Baker once again.

We don’t know where this footy all came from but it is a great compilation of current day Boss footage. Isn’t it lovely to see how skateboarding is ageing without people losing that their flair.


Let’s start at the end and work our way to the start. Young Rowan is turning pro and rightfully so! He has been ripping quite hard for quite some time now and if he is able to bring back that late nineties Slash hat Vans needs to give him a shoe! The rest of the team is edited together in a montage. some have more some have less footage but most of them come through. Most notably Dustin Dollin who has been skating like he is a danger to his own health, comes through with a Boulala-escque power move! All in all the Baker promo does what it promises and it does it all to a soundtrack that goes well with your morning coffee and that is a very good thing.

Okay so there is a new Baker promo coming up, great! Baker has not been cool for a minute, it was still okay but it lost something for a couple of years. Now they are back, and this week they are releasing a new promo. I mean just that last scene is enough to convince us of the fact that “when you fuck with Baker that’s what you get!

Tristan Funkhouser surprises with a second Part in the currently released Substance video. Next to his first part in the video he also already had a full part for Baker two weeks ago. So it is not just that Tristan released three full parts in just one month, moreover each one of them is provided with incredible skateboarding and Tristan does not seem to slow down.

Kevin “Spanky” Long ist nach seinem Downgrade von Pro zum Amateur Status wieder mit einem eigenen Board auf Baker Skateboards ausgestattet. Und auch bei Emerica ist er seit neustem wieder als Pro gelistet.
Andrew Reynolds dazu:

“I think the biggest turning point for him came after he had decided to quit drinking and started to see how much stuff he could get done without that partying lifestyle. Fortunately, he’s still super young and can make such a big change in time so that he’s still able to get out there and kill it.

Having to call dudes up like, “You’re not gonna have a pro board anymore, man. The time’s up.” It really sucked. That was my first time ever having to do that and it definitely does not feel good.

The fact is that you can’t be a professional skateboarder forever. I’m not going to be one forever. Spanky’s not. Nobody is. But Spanky’s just been skating so much. A year went by and you can still see how serious he’s taking it. He’s filming so hard for this Emerica video when at first, we honestly weren’t so sure about it. But he’s out there skating like a professional skateboarder, bringing his board back felt like the right thing to do.”

Via The Chrome Ball Incident.

Kevin Spanky Long filmt zur Zeit einen Part für Emerica Made: Chapter Two und konnte wohl während den Dreharbeiten beweissen, dass er ein eigenes Pro Board verdient.

Justin “Figgy” Figueroa ist sicherlicher einer der härtesten Hunde unter der Sonne. Anders kann man sich kaum erklären, wieso man freiwillig in so ein Kink-Rail reinspringt. In der neusten Folge von Whats A Guy Gotta Do!? wird der komplette Kampf gezeigt – K.O. in der letzten Runde.

Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk macht den Suciu und bringt innerhalb weniger Tage zwei sehenswerte Sections. Nach der Teilnahme bei X-Games Real Street, zeigt Shep Dawgs Vol.4 einen Part mit überdurchschnittlicher Länge und einigen satten Überraschungen.