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The new Ishod Wair Max Part is a 3-minute long part dedicated to his new shoe the “Wair Max”. The part was filmed in the cities that he skates the most: His hometown of Los Angeles, Paris, and Copenhagen. One of our personal highlights was the frontside heel combos at the famous Parisian bank-to-ten stair spot.

Leo Baker just dropped a signature shoe on Nike SB and celebrates this milestone with a brand new video part by Cooper Winterson.

Mobina and Melika Nazari have been a steady part of Berlin’s skate scene for a while now and we are stoked to see that they are finally getting more recognition outside of the city. Watching this short video piece reminded us of our Place Presents we did with them some years ago. So if you want to know more about those two you can find the article and video HERE.

Nike SB released a new video together with Pass~Port celebrating their latest collaboration. They went to the Blue Mountains east of Sydney, Australia, skated a lot of never-seen-before spots, and came back with a solid edit. In case you didn´t know, the typical blue haze in the valley comes from the big eucalyptus forest growing there.