A little bit over a year ago we put out the Tao Issue and with it a wonderful video called “Is This The Place”. It was a milestone for us, a project we remember fondly and as such hold dear to our hearts. As such, after we edited this video, and sent it out to the people in it for their approval – it is a bit more of a private look for some – I wanted to put it out… That was a while ago, so why did nothing happen?

Photos by Joel Peck.

Filmed by everyone on tour.

Edited by Roland Hoogwater.

Titles by Marielle Begic.

The short answer could have been that we at Place were too busy, too lazy, or simply just uninterested because it had been laying around, but that was not the case. The whole experience for me the person writing this was just quite special and in a lot of ways quite private. So I kept watching the video for myself, sometimes showing some friends what I had experienced. Up until today, today is the day all can see for themselves what kind of trip this was.

I am sure there are some “You had to be there!” kinda moments, but all in all, it seems to me that you can catch the vibe and surf along the Swedish asphalt with us for approximately 17 minutes of your day. You will see many things you might not have seen before like a little freestyle rapping with people like Love Öhling, Sondre Mortensen, Vincent Huhta, and Heitor Da Silva in the cipher. Or some lovely campfire tunes by Axel Berggren, all while Jamie Platt was grilling those smores to perfection.

Gold Chains is cool and all but have you ever seen that gold tooth brush, I don’t believe so!

Heitor Da Silva, Cipher, Gothenburg.

I guess what is left now, at the end of this text is just to thank all involved, I might have edited this video but we all filmed it together, from Toa, to Jamie, Heitor, Love and the rest it would not have been like this if it wasn’t for everyone on the road and of the road. Special thanks have to go out to Nils Svensson, Bryggeriet Skatepark, Ludvig Håkanson, Colin Kennedy (Nike SB), Tom Botwid (Vans Nordic) & Pontus Alv (Last Resort & Polar) without you this all would not have happened the way it did.


Roland Hoogwater.

Now go and rewatch this masterpiece by Tor Ström!