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Everything by Pontus Alv & Tor Ström simply is must-watch TV. Shout out to Ville Wester, Jamie Platt & Roman Gonzalez for putting it down and going pro during this project!

Hey and welcome to our first installment of “Eat Your Veggies” a new and ongoing series that will be based on making visits to skaters, filming them for a day or so and then presenting you with some content.

This video was shot in Copenhagen at Ville Wester’s local Fælledparken skate park at the start of March just a week before the COVID 19 measures really started to hit Northern Europe.

It was still a lot colder than now but we still had about 90-minutes worth of fun on our skateboards! Many thanks to Malcolm, Sander & Linus who were the 3 young bucks trying tricks of the quarter keeping us stoked.

Anyway, here is some lighthearted content for you to enjoy while sitting at home expect more of these to pop up once travel restrictions are lifted or loosened.

To celebrate the collaboration of Polar Skate Co. and Jack Purcell latest collaboration the whole Polar crew plus their own obstacles went to The City of Angels. When good people do good things.

Featuring: Jonas Skröder, Dane Brady, Pontus Alv, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez, David Stenstrom and Jerome Campbell.

Photo by Nils Svensson.

Dane’s got a youtube channel and it seems only logical that he needed a creative outlet sooner or later. Skateboarding collectively seems to care more and more about b-side style footage, we want to see the other makes even if they are sketchy or the different angles that didn’t make it in the video. We feel that this video featuring both Dane himself and Nick Rios is in a sense a cultivated version that enlarges that feeling for behind the scenes stuff combined with that sketchy demo in the 90s type of vibe.

A very close friend of the whole office crew and the unbeaten king of BS Wallride Nollie’s. His skating is like listening to a very good tune, while you are having an extented brunch, sitting in a very nice and sunny garden. Tjark Thielker is one of the finest:

“We got a lot of work in front of us.” Die Kollegen vom Jenkem Mag haben ein Behind The Scenes mit dem Polar Team während der Dreharbeiten zu Manhattan Days. Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell, Kevin Rodrigues uvm. in den Straßen New Yorks.

Falls du Manhattan Days noch nicht gesehen hast: HIER klicken!

Wenn Carhartt WIP eine neue Kollektion auf den Markt wirft, gibt es jedesmal ein höchst ansehnliches Lookbook zu sehen. Auch der Frühling 2015 macht da keine Ausnahme – das britische Straßenleben gekoppelt mit einer leichten Liebesgeschichte zwischen einer schielenden Schönheit und Polar Skateboards Pro Jerome Campbell. Zurücklehnen, genießen und weiter Träumen.

Manhattan Days – a film by Pontus Alv war die Headline und der Grund unserer kurzen Reise in die Hauptstadt Englands. Neben dem Film, welcher das Polar Skate co. Team in NYC’s Manhattan zeigt, gab es ausserdem den Launch vom Converse Cons Polar Skate Co. CTAS Pro. Bevor der Film gezeigt wurde ging es durch Londons hype Eastside, unterstützt von Alvs Happy/Sad Platten und verfolgt von mindestens 150 Kids in kompletter Skateboard Uniform. Ein paar Eindrücke von der Session gibt es hier:

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