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This is what you want, this is what you get. We are sure you are going to have a good time watching Sour’s all new video by Gustav Tønnesen – world’s best skateboarding video editor.

Who can say no to the deadly combination that is Hjalte Halber & Ville Wester? They are probably the best hit-squad since Rick & Mike had their first shared section.

Other notable things, the lovely Tor Ström has the closer, new Jonas Skrøder footage & a rare sighting of the Nike SB Soulland Koston 1. All in all good stuff by Dancer!

In our opinion, there is four type of skaters, the alcohol-free one,  the beer kind, the cocktail sort and the wine connoisseur.

To put this into perspective Denis Lynn is the beer kind whereas Sylvain Tognelli seems to the type to order a long drink at the bar, while this crew now obviously falls into the last category.

Travelling all the way to Italy to see the process of wine making and taste the juice almost directly from the land.

Davide Biondani summed up the trip the best “Not bad skating after 8 or 9 glasses of red wine in the morning”

First off we want to give a major shout out to Peter Deigard! We were present when he first tested his “new” fisheye and after seeing this video we can conclude that he has been out practicing a lot.

Of course, it helps that he’s got some pretty good skaters as friends, friends like: Heitor da Silva, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi,and Jonas Skrøder.
The youth is the future and young Deigard is working hard to make himself a bright one.

To celebrate the collaboration of Polar Skate Co. and Jack Purcell latest collaboration the whole Polar crew plus their own obstacles went to The City of Angels. When good people do good things.

Featuring: Jonas Skröder, Dane Brady, Pontus Alv, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez, David Stenstrom and Jerome Campbell.

Photo by Nils Svensson.

Seemingly the Sour Skateboards’ crew spent several days and nights at the Weining Lu Plaza in Shanghai, which is no surprise at such a dream spot!

Featuring Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spängs, Jonas Skröder, Koffe Halgren, Erik J. Pettersson, Barney Page and Nisse Ingemarsson.

If you follow Hjalte Halberg on Instagram you already know that he has a passion for insane Iphone clips that are a lot of fun to watch. Recently, he collected a couple minutes of footage of Jonas Skrøder in Copenhagen in order to release a humorous full part project entirely filmed and edited with his smartphone, which is almost in no way inferior to a common full part.

Im April diesen Jahres wurde mit Hilfe von Levi’s Skateboarding in La Paz Bolivien der Pura Pura Skatepark gebaut. Unterstützt wurde das Projekt von über 100 Freiwilligen aus insgesamt 17 Ländern – wir berichteten ausführlich.

Doch was hat das alles mit Berlin zu tun? Einiges, denn während der Bright baute Levi’s einen temporären Skatepark in die St. Agnes Kirche in Berlin Kreuzberg. Neben Skateaction gab es on top noch die Premiere der Pura Pura Doku (hier zu sehen) und eine dazugehörige Fotoausstellung von Jonathan Mehring, der das Projekt mit seiner Kamera dokumentierte. Alles in allem ein großes Fest zu dem tollerweise auch eine Menge der Leute kamen, die direkt am Projekt beteiligt waren. Hier der Clip zum Event: