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It’s been a good month so far for fans of film maker Tor “Tao” Ström’s work. With the Release of “Son Of Thor” for Dancer featuring Julius Rohrberg and “HEJTOR” Heitor’s the all new stand alone part for adidas, there’s plenty of reasons to give these two videos an instand watch or two. Get inspired & let’s hope for an ongoing 2024 release plan for Tao’s videos.

Who can say no to the deadly combination that is Hjalte Halber & Ville Wester? They are probably the best hit-squad since Rick & Mike had their first shared section.

Other notable things, the lovely Tor Ström has the closer, new Jonas Skrøder footage & a rare sighting of the Nike SB Soulland Koston 1. All in all good stuff by Dancer!