Welcome to a very special moment, last Friday in Malmö, Sweden we released our newest issue by guest editor Tor Ström, the mag is apptly named “Tao’s Place”. At the same time, we also premiered this video made on our 2-week tour through Sweden. That tour ended up laying the groundwork for all else, and we would like to thank our supporters Nike SB, Vans, Polar skate co, & Bryggeriet for believing in our ideas. At the same time a good tour is dependent on good skaters and we are thankful for all the skaters involved. Ok enough ranting on this intro, want to read more? Scroll down! Or if you want to watch Tao’s newest video called “Is This The Place?” first, press play!

Film & Edit Tor Ström.

Additional filming Love Öhling.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Welcome to Gothenburg, Sandarna… Please, park your car in between two nondescript buildings, you will find it is kind of a tight squeeze… As you get out of your car and open the boot to get your board out, you glance to your left and see a garage door open. A Frenchman drives out on a honda chopper-style bicycle. He revs the engine and pulls out of the lot. You grab your board, walk to the end of the hallway and knock on a garage door on the left-hand side.

It opens and you see a dark room, you hear the faint sounds of some early 2000’s music. Depending on your persona you either run in and howl, or you tread slowly as the sound of polyurethane rotating at high speeds on a wood surface closes in on you.

A light shows itself, and a tall figure in a leather jacket is the first thing you see. Right as you “scan” him, he says “Hi” in a Southern English accent. At the same exact time, a navy-clad figure screams, and jumps on his board… this action, without physically touching you, presses you towards the wall for a moment… before you see he is dropping into a large wooden bowl.

You walk on, and look to your right, at this very moment you see me, half lying on the couch, with a laptop on my lap… You scan me and think “That guy looks like he’s been on the road for a minute”, I look over, make eye contact, and continue writing… You realize “I just walked into day 7 of Tao & Place Mags newest project “Is This The Place” and think…

I bet you want to see more videos by Tao after watching that, so click here.