Tag: Love Öhling

A new video Love Öhling, who is by all accounts, one of Gothenburg’s best. Lucky for you, the viewer, because Love is well connected, which means that it features some of Sweden’s best, making this “Must watch TV!”

A new one from Gothenburg by Eddie Wåhlin for the Stigberget Skateshop all filmed at the Esperantoplatsen in Gothenburg.

Featuring Alex Grahm, John Eliasson, Mikael Marklund, Assar Lövgren, Love Öhling, Reda Hadada, Mateo Cabrejas, Bergil Mario Lalander, Olle Karlsson, David Aita, Anton Aasvold, Eric Hedberg, Ola Rohdin

Love Öhling is back with a little indoor documentary/skate video around Sarah Meurle’s exhibition called “Methods of Movement”. Truth be told, besides the choice moves of Mikael Marklund, Jonathan Sjöberg, & Mateo Bergil the dancing of Hannah Karlsson really stoked us out.

Have you ever been to Gothenburg, Sweden? We have. And it doesn’t look like it’s that skateable. Love Öhling & his friends are definitely proving us wrong here. For the Swedish skateboarding isn’t that hard we suppose.

Watch Alex Anderson, Ola Rohidn, Alex Grahm, Mateo Cabrejas Bergil & Eric Hedberg in “Touchdown 031”.