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Heavy Zero video vibes from one of the premiere skate filmers in Europe.Enjoy all the Scandi people you want to see in a Tao video.

Frederik Andersen AKA Fredwart is back with a vengeance. He has got that eye and that Scandi swagger when it comes to building an edit. Featuring probably the most Gangsta-ass Heitor Da Silva moment since he started skating for Palace Skateboards. That moment alone shows you that Fredwart wants you to have the feeling of what it is like to be with the crew. Just one of the homies, but these homies skate like in the big leagues. We asked Fred to tell us a bit about how this video came to be so either press play or put on your glasses and start reading below.

Film, Edit & Photography by Frederik Andersen.
Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Hi, readers of Place Magazine. My videos are a sort of homage to my friends. Nothing feels better than showing people around the world how much fun we are having fooling around on these street spots in Malmö & CPH.
Filming in the streets in 2020 was a bit different than ever before. I was kind of caught up at work while making a documentary on the side. I wasn’t really feeling the process when I went out filming at the beginning of this video. But as always at some point, I got inspired to put something new together. We began filming more especially me and my friend Noah Vester. Some days we spent just biking around the city not knowing what to skate, others days were more like missions.

Do you want to know something special about Fred? He cut off a small part of his finger Cleaning his bike chain. His friend saved it and gave it to him in a jar. Now it sits there in his home.

Ville Wester about his friends body part collection.

What inspires me the most during the editing is the moment when it comes down to selecting the music. I love when skate clips have all these different types of music that transport all these different emotions into your head. What I like is to be surprised by people’s music selection as well as surprising others with the music I choose to use. In this video for instance, I like going from a “Queen” track to some synthesizer sounds my friend mixed together. Those moments provide a lot of different vibes to the viewer. That way I feel that it reaches a wider audience, instead of only using music from The Smiths or something in that genre of music.

I like to think of my edits as small documentaries or music-videos so that everyone can enjoy them both skaters and muggles. I want to show people a nice vibe with my work. I get a much better feeling from watching a video with a bunch of friends fooling around in the streets having a ton of fun. Compared to watching some skate-part with only difficult stair tricks and tech ledge skating. That’s just not my experience.

Noah is losing his mind on the internet, It’s dope! Sending crazy Cat videos to everyone.

Ville Wester about Noah Vester.

Now a day, most of my friends have a lot of projects they are working on, whether it’s making music, doing art, or something entirely different, but at the end of the day, we all have skateboarding as a shared passion, it is our Part Time Lover.

This one is FUBU, Enjoy!

If you haven’t been to one of those you really missed out. Maybe there will be another chance in 2021? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Featuring: Alex & Steve Olson, Matlock Bennett-Jones, Santiago Sasson, Ville Wester, Karsten Kleppan & many more.

Hello and welcome to our first transition-based “Eat Your Veggies“. This video was actually not planned to be part of the series, Dave Morgan and myself just wanted to go skate this ramp, fuck around and practice filming transition. In the end, Sara Parson-Texas showed up to watch us. And after Dave said he wanted to see Leon (Charo-Tite) skate the ramp we just called him up, and he came down all spontaneous like.

So how did this edit come to be part of our series? 1. It was all filmed in one day, 2. It was all filmed at one spot/park, 3. We got inspired musically by that old Pontus Alv video, & 4. We had the right amount of footage with the music already under it! One last thing, Dave got sick (shingles) so this episode of EYV is also an attempt to cheer him up! Lord knows he has waited to see that Backside Noseblunt again & again & again.

So, get well soon Dave don’t forget to eat your veggies, and sorry not sorry for saying my battery was low so you would commit to that Noseblunt.

Watch our Eat Your Veggies With Turtle Production here.

Watch our Eat Your Veggies with Ville Wester here.

Chris Jones, Ville Wester, Kyle Wilson, Casper Brooker, Korahn Gayle went on a little escape to Milan and obviously hung out with the locals. Can’t get enough of Ville Wester!

A film by Will Miles.

Who can say no to the deadly combination that is Hjalte Halber & Ville Wester? They are probably the best hit-squad since Rick & Mike had their first shared section.

Other notable things, the lovely Tor Ström has the closer, new Jonas Skrøder footage & a rare sighting of the Nike SB Soulland Koston 1. All in all good stuff by Dancer!

Hey and welcome to our first installment of “Eat Your Veggies” a new and ongoing series that will be based on making visits to skaters, filming them for a day or so and then presenting you with some content.

This video was shot in Copenhagen at Ville Wester’s local Fælledparken skate park at the start of March just a week before the COVID 19 measures really started to hit Northern Europe.

It was still a lot colder than now but we still had about 90-minutes worth of fun on our skateboards! Many thanks to Malcolm, Sander & Linus who were the 3 young bucks trying tricks of the quarter keeping us stoked.

Anyway, here is some lighthearted content for you to enjoy while sitting at home expect more of these to pop up once travel restrictions are lifted or loosened.

Baeonci is back with a new edit featuring all of our favorite skaters. We will be back in CPH/Malmö soon, hit our line.

Feat.: Heitor Da Silva, Ville Wester, Axel Berggren, Vincent Huhta & many more.

Freshly graduated from Bryggeriets Gymnasium, Frederik Andersen took his Panasonic HVX200 and his parents old Sony Hi8 and decided to get things going in the streets and CPH is the best playground for that. Watch “Pirouette” and look into the future.

Feat.: Peter Deigaard, Asger Thomsen, Eliott Toiminen, Noah Vester, Thomas Samuel, Oliver Knap, Axel Berggren, Julius Rohrberg, Max Rohrberg, Ville Wester & William Asmussen.

Peter Deigaard’s new edit explains the best why we are missing the summer. It also comes with a pretty heavy line-up. Feat.: Heitor da Silva, Tobias Herb-Simeon, Andrew Wilson, Ville Wester, Mads Hemmingsen, Herman Bjørn, Mads Schumacher, Samuel Norgren, Jan Henrik, Hugo Boserup and Emile Laurent.

Tor Ström A.K.A. Vxtaosen just released a new video with all of his friends, under which a full Ville Wester part. So good…

Featuring: Peter Stege, Jboy, Hugo Boserup, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Emile Laurent, Hjalte Halberg, Ville Wester, Jerome Cambell, Andrew Wilson, Karsten Kleppan, Jesus Fernandez, Enzo, Elias Menzi, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Tobias “Herb” Simeon, Hunter, Thomas Kring, Rune Glifberg, Fernando Bramsmark, Cyrus Bennett, Kyle Wilson & Diego Todd.

What comes out of Bryggeriet after filmers like Tor Ström? And who is next up after Heitor Da Silva, Ville Wester, Sondre and Amandus Mortensen? Maybe Frederik Andersen and his crew of young bucks.

Fred reached out to us via the gold standard of co-signs namely his vice principal John Dahlquist and if John likes it then there must be something there, he raised or at least tried to educate all of these beasts.

Do you need a text to accompany this post? Are you even reading this? Press play and see if Pontus finally blew it this time or if he, in fact, came through again!

Photo by Matt Price.

Big companies like Nike is that they have a lot of stuff crammed in a year, from the Australian “Medley”, a 58 Blazer to the Hockey collab and now a southwest trip for the new styles of the Blazer. All these projects have different people involved in front of and behind the lens. Which means that everybody gets to like their version of the SB division.

This newest edit was filmed and edited by Tor Ström, who is from CPH and went to Malmö’s Bryggeriet school. So putting him with Hjalte, Oski, Hugo and Ville makes a lot of sense to us because we feel that touring with your friends brings out the best! Thus allowed this to become one of our favourite SB videos of 2018. Now please press play!

Peter Deigaard is dropping footage like cows drop shit, he must have at least 3 metaphorical stomachs constantly working on digesting all the stuff he puts on tape.

But let’s cut the crap Peter works hard and films with cool skaters making his videos worth watching. Enjoy!

A big part of the reason we came to make the Malmö issue where the two Mortensen Brothers  Sondre and Amandus. We watched all of their edits and like DRIV3R, where one of the brother’s drives and films while the other one skates, it shows a good example how things are in the life of a Mortensen. They were just different, they seemed to be doing their own thing and it made me very curious. I wanted to know what kind of people they are. So, I started to ask people about them.

“They just keep to themselves, they go out alone film each other and edit together. Sondre even makes some of the music.”

Tom Botwid told us, “They don’t even really curse!” – “What, who doesn’t curse?” – “They do, kind of but they have their own words.” Things like that made us want to go to Malmö to see what’s in the Swedish water and to really get a taste of what it’s like to be around them.


Now, over the years, the city has become somewhat famous for its “non-spots” and the people who skate them. An “if you don’t have it just build it!” attitude has been in the air for a long time. Pontus Alv, Nils Svensson and their friends built up Malmö’s image by executing ideas like these. They did not do it like they did it in the US. They took things and did it their own way, which made it relatable to all of us in Europe. It was clear from the first moment that I saw them that the Mortensen’s seemed to build on that tradition but at the same time the way they are doing it had a whole new feeling to it.

A good example would be to say that after Joy Division came New Order. The band regrouped and started to try and find a new sound – their own sound! The journey to find their own, ended up creating some pretty good and maybe even classic albums after.

“No band ever survived the death of their lead singer, so when Joy Division became New Order Nobody expected them to succeed.”24 Hour Party People, 2002

Now obviously, Mr. Alv is neither dead or gone. To this day he is a driving force in Malmö but the thing is that nobody expected Malmö to become this big and we thought that like Manchester in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it will produce a lot more interesting people, projects, and styles. MADCHESTER is no more but maybe “MADmö” is around the corner, this new work of documentation by the Mortensen brothers definitely shows all of the above.

Video by Sondre & Amandus Mortensen
Photos by Conny Mirbach
Text by Roland Hoogwater


Welcome to Malmö: a seaport type of city. It’s the third city in Sweden but the first when it comes to riding a skateboard and it basically morphed into it because of its inhabitants. They are proud of their city and rightfully so.

“Some spots only become a spot once somebody manages to do a trick on them.” Danijel “Jugga” Stankovic said, looking at Sondre & Amandus Mortensen.

We proudly present to you this film by Leon Rudolph feat.: Jugga, Sondre & Amandus, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi, Samuel Norgren, John Dahlquist, Santiago Sasson, Tom Botwid, Koffe Hallgren & Sarah Meurle.