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Palace Skateboards adds a new team rider to their roaster with the help and good eye of their team manager Danny Brady. Good choice and congrats to Pedro!

Filmed by Austin Bristow.

A full Rory Milanes & Lucien Clarke part filmed by Austin Bristow. Seems like someone wanted you to start your weekend off right! Also, big ups to Lucien that footy is all recent as fuck!

The godfather of the “Tornado Spin” is back. Jamal Smith is probably the only pro in skateboarding who can film his last trick at the skatepark quarter he grew up skating. Props to adidas skateboarding for supporting a legend!

Get his shoe HERE. For the ones who are like “That´s a nice beat he’s skating to” check out Jamal’s music HERE.

Heitor just got it like that. He floats through the spots like a wave and leaves us behind with disbelief at how someone can look so in sync with his board. The non-skating shots in between made us smile, and we know he´s living his best life.

Austin Bristow did a great job with filming and editing.

Last night, overnight, Heitor turned into the biggest pro in Scandinavia and had his former teacher waking up with a headache this morning. Allegedly the party had him sippin’ on something brown and smoking on something Cuban. With teachers like that Palace couldn’t deny Da Silva any longer.

We really have to put some respect on Bronze’s name for choosing such a strong concept for a company both visually and spiritually is taking a big risk.

But even with a million people biting their shit, they always seem to keep their output fresh!

Blondey and Shawn Powers really put forward their best and we are hyped to go skating right after the last second, which is really the only true measurement of a good skate video.


What do you do when your last video marked the end of a VHS era? You run straight to the competition Betamax! When both VHS and Betamax were launched it was obvious that the latter had the better quality system. Unfortunately for that system VHS had better marketing and thus Betamax died a slow death until Palace managed to revive it.

Enjoy the whole man dem including Arto skating Hawaii.

After releasing one of the best videos in a very long time, Palace Skateboards continue to spread their love for fine details. Just take a look at their new skatepark’s sticker jobs. It is that good. Also, the length of that video is 4:11 – get it! ?

Feat.: Javier, Lucas,  Hugo Boserup (absolutely going for it), Zered and a lot more.

It’s here! “PALASONIC” is Palace Skateboards new full-length video, which they’ve been working on for the last seven years. Filmed entirely in London.

Featuring: Lucien Clarke, Lucas Puig, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfaix, Rory Milanes, Karim Bakhtaoui, Blondey McCoy, Charlie Young, Olly Todd and Torey Goodall.

Reebok seems to be teasing the skate scene at the moment. There was the failed entry via DGK which we felt was cool but as Stevie Williams put it maybe a bit too early.

Afterwards, the brand left skateboarding for a bit, skateboarders weren’t really wearing the shoes, that all changed when they did their first collab with Palace, which made us want to try some shoes on and it made people think that Reebok might move back into skating. For a moment there Blondey McCoy was ripping in them but after his move to the three stripes, things died down again.

The third coming started with Shawn Powers and continues with collabos like these and to be honest we hope it stays the way it is now because sometimes things don’t need to be crystal clear they can remain in the mist and still work.

Filmed by Thom and Fuzz
Edit by Mike Collins

This is a office favorite! Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax & Blondey McCoy in “Away Days”. Not only the Lucien Clarke cameo is a highlight but also the three clearly different styles mixed together; maybe it’s a Palace thing:


If you haven’t seen the video in whole, make yourself comfortable and skip back to the beginning:


People start up new businesses every day, Budgetbeuker bearings was started by Bastiaan van Zadelhoff. We interviewed Bastiaan a while back about starting a company, being a part of Pop Trading Co and his many nicknames. We kept in touch after the interview and a couple of days ago he told me that he had gotten a cease and desist letter from another company that felt like the Budgetbeuker logo was to similar to theirs. The whole thing kind of shocked me! I asked him, why would such a big company care about a small upstart with a logo that was inspired by their own? How did they even find out about his company? What where the consequences? And how can you avoid having to go through similar issues. Bastiaan quickly responded to these questions and answered them all in this interview.

How did things go after you launched the company?

Things went well for some time, that was the best time of my life though!

How did people receive the brand?

Way better than I expected! I have been visiting some shops that carry my product and I was surprised at how much of my product they where selling. I am so happy and grateful for all the love I have received!

After such a great start when did you find out you had a problem?

On the eighth of January I opened my inbox and in that inbox was an email: Notification of IPR Infringement by Envisional Enforcement. An Italian brand (that will remain nameless) had seen my logo and felt that it was to similar to theirs. The email also stated their demands, basically all the products and promo with my old logo had to be taken offline.

Are your logos really that similar?

Well both our logos are based on a compass, the are some other differences but the only real difference is that they copyrighted their logo. So I google them and the first thing I see is that some of their jackets cost more than my initial investment! (laughs) After that I thought it would be better to comply with their request and take my site down.

Do you think this whole episode could have been prevented?

People really took notice, Budgetbeuker went kind of viral. I started to get more followers on Instagram, one of those followers “happened” to be a shop manager for this Italian brand. He possibly started this whole thing, the guy used to skate, he was one of those people who big themselves up and tells crazy (untruthful) stories. Hugo (Snelooper) told me that his friends used to pick on the guy, one night his friends even threw the guy into a swimming pool because he was Dj’ing terribly (laughs). Truthfully I really don’t know what happened, this person denies snitching on me. It could have been somebody higher up, Who knows? The Internet is a crazy place!

Did have to take your product out of the shops?

No but we have to cover the original logo, so I had some stickers made so shops can cover the old logo with these stickers. Once that is done we can keep selling our bearings.

The new Budgetbeuker look with a sticker covering the old logo.

Okay. So what does this mean for the future of the brand?

Well the brand itself suffered because of these issues. We had to drop or change all our product designs that where based on the original logo. I’ve been spending a lot of time troubleshooting, instead of putting that time into growing the brand.
As far as creating a new logo I am not a 100% sure but I am working on it. No matter what design, we will be extra careful! So those Italians are not temped to start some trouble again.

Any last words?

To be honest I never saw myself winning the court case but it felt strangely cool that I got noticed by such a big brand!

Go to budgetbeuker.com to see more.

Photos by: Hugo Snelooper
Interview by: Roland Hoogwater


Noah Bunink is a young up-and-comer, some of you might have seen him skate around Berlin recently or in one of the monthly Pop Trading Co clips. His tricks and style make him somebody you can easily recognize and we saw him skate in Converses #PleaseCharge. I’m sure you will be hearing more of Noah Bunink so we thought this would be right time to present you with 10 facts about the boy.


01. Noah Bunink is 17 years old.

02. Noah Bunink lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

03. Noah Bunink has an English Background.

04. Noah Bunink is a supporter of AJAX amsterdam footbal club.

05. Noah Bunink is sponsored by Converse, Palace, Pop Trading Company and TOMS.

06. Noah Bunink loves Todd Falcon’s skating.

07. Noah Bunink has become Sylvain Tognelli’s favorite skater.

08. Noah Bunink fucks heavily with Polo by Ralph Lauren.

09. Noah Bunink is a fashion model.

10. Noah Bunink sometimes wears his sisters overalls.

Watch Noah skate in #Pleasecharge

Photos courtesy of: Hugo Snelooper