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A short tour film about Blondey, Jarrad Carlin skating Beirut in the heat of a record breaking August of ’23.

Here’s what Blondey had to say about the trip:

“In August 2023, Jarrad Carlin and I in London, Alex Pires in Paris, and Waylon Bone in New York decided to ignore our three governments’ guidelines and meet in Beirut. I, being of Lebanese origin, had visited the country many times, but not for years and never the city. It turned out to be the hottest August on record ever. Everyone was sick except for me — I was sweating too much, helping myself to the cornucopia of previously 24/7 guarded plazas, which, in the wake of the port explosion and the collapse of the banks, have become rather open playgrounds. I’m sure it’s not just the money, by the way; it really feels as though there has been a communal weighing-up of what is and isn’t worth getting into anything over. Which brings me to the people. My God, the people… Can you imagine someone leaving their work in London, not only to move their car out of your run-up but to instruct their employees to rearrange theirs too, then offer you fruit and cigarettes and coffee and to wash your face? You’d think they were cannibals! This project is dedicated to those people. And to my grandfather, Heni. Without him, I’d be an entirely different person, living an entirely different life, and I am blessed to be able to say that doesn’t appeal to me. Not one bit.”

You already know what you are in for! Take a seat and enjoy this masterpiece of a beta blocker.

A wonderful piece of work by one of London’s best active filmers in Sirus F. Gahan. It features a cast of interesting cats (pun intended).


Jamie Platt, Ville Wester, Wes Knowler, Billy Trick, Lloyd Clipston, Conor Charleson, Rich West, Sam Murgatroyd, Val Katz, Joe Paget, Mikey Patrick, Matt Keegan, Alfie Williams, Francis Peters, Zach Riley & Matlok Bennett Jones.

London local brand Nancy released this sick and highly enjoyable video by Florentin Jadin. He and Mathieu Wojtylka are a perfect combo.

Check out Nancy’s website by clicking HERE.

Salon Skateboards blessed us with a new Yuyu Rosemary part celebrating Rose´s new pro board. Congratulations! All the clips with Rose wearing a backpack made us think about Chad Muska and obviously both make it look good!

We heard about this video when we asked some friends at the skatepark – “What are you watching?”. It happened to be Tom Peel´s latest release “earth member”. Filmed in London, Bristol, and Manchester it gives us a glimpse into the scene there and its new generation. Well done guys!

After 2020´s “DRUMMER BOY” the Bristol/London-based crew Interceptor now released their second video. With “Trinity Land Mass” Ben Davies brings everyone together for a new and very entertaining piece of videography. We love to see it! Shout out to Sam Nobbs for making some of the music for this one.

Grant Dawson is back with a new London edit featuring Curtis Pearl, Kelvinas Litvinas, Adam Delarue, Kyle Wilson, Levi Hinkley, Bill Emmanouilidis, Rauri Jones, Seb Tabe, Jake Church, Julian Kimura, Myles Shankie, Dennis Roberts, Josh Church & Alex Hatfield.

What did you do by the age of 22? Are you already 22? And when was the last time you saw someone skating to Kanye West? Well, Blondey is building his own world from a young age and he has come pretty far with that in only a matter of a few years. Here’s his new video part for adidas Skateboarding presenting his very own Superstar Model. Congratulations!

Last Thursday, the 20th of June aka the day before “Midsummer Night” or “Go Skateboarding Day” as we sometimes refer to the 21st of June saw the release of one of our proudest moments… The release of our 600-page collaborative effort together with Carhartt WIP.

The book doesn’t need many words to explain the concept, 1 weekend, 1 photographer, 1 skater and absolutely no selection, or better yet we printed all that was shot by our photographer Danny Sommerfeld. The book itself you can find and look at via a visit to selected skate and Carhartt shops all over Europe and we would love to hear your feedback once you did just that.

Back to last Thursday, we once again invited Danny to shoot the release event in Berlin and this time he put his imagination to work and came out with this very special and “selective” photo recap, cowboy boots included.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

























Together with the help of adidas Skateboarding’s Tjark Thielker we are going to recreate a wellness day spa feel, and take you through this experience as a role-play not only to relax you but to teach you how to relax outside of this meditation. All of the meditation will be quietly spoken and Tjark put in his best offered to only do the calmest tricks. There will be role-playing elements, a bit of humor for a feel-good mood, binaural sounds theta beats, an ice-cream truck sirene, a water splash,  and landscape wind sounds – PLEASE USE HEADPHONES.

TJ’s Serenity Spa London has reopened after an incredible restoration programme designed to significantly enhance its facilities and promote an aura of relaxation, mindfulness and life balance, whilst providing guests with specialist results-driven treatments and fitness advice.

Set in the heart of South Bank, TJ’s Serenity Spa London now offers everything from traditional Chinese medicine to Daniel Pannemann’s famous Pedi/Mani-Cures as well as Augustin Giovannoni’s powerful and anti-aging Nescens facials. The extensive spa menu combines TJ’s Serenity Spa’s own signature therapies with treatments using Aromatherapy Associates, Sodashi and Peter Buikema’s world-famous Leeuwarden fenland products

Guests are encouraged to arrive 45 minutes before their appointment time to enjoy the heat and water facilities that The Spa has to offer. Payment should be taking care of up front. The owner (Tjark Thielker) is not required by law to be on time on any day of the week. Product descriptions in this article can be different from the actual product in TJ’s Serenity Spa London – All rights reserved, shot in London’2018 during a 24hrs stay.

Photography & Filming by Daniel Pannemann / Editing by Peter Buikema & Daniel Pannemann

It feels like that Girl Skateboards is stronger than ever and it is safe to say that you could blame it on their new talent. Watch Niels Bennett, Tyler Pacheco, Simon Bannerot, Sean Malto & the one and only Rick McCrank skating the city of London.