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Our friends over at Quartersnacks went to Argentina for nothing but they of course came back with something :). Featuring Diego Todd, Stafhon Boca, Nick Michel, Etienne Gagne, Danny Brady, Eze Martinez, Thomas Hughes, and Emilio Dufour. Check the article HERE.

Filmed and edited by Emilio Cuilan.

Our friends over at Quartersnacks released the all-new “RAT RATZ 7” video and it’s another amazing addition to all the already existing Rat Ratz videos. Here’s to many more!

Filmed & edited by Brisquit.

Our friends over at Quartersnacks HQ dropped this little Floridian gem on us. Back in the day, we had the pleasure of hosting one of the DUPLEX videos as well, so if you want to take a look at the progression of the series click here.

We often talk about the lost art of a good slam section in our office and guess what… we weren’t alone in our love for high-quality slams. Diego Todd was already one of our faves to watch, and this video, combined with his board dropping, has further solidified that!

QS has a very interesting look behind the scenes of one of NYC’s most abstract spots and its main character Cyrus Bennett. If you have no idea about how pros work for their video parts this is a very honest story about how it could do down and how hard some of the people work to get their tricks. Brilliant series brought to you by Quartersnacks.

Our good friends from Quarternsnacks went to Mallorca for absolutely nothing but this wonderfull edit by Johnathan Fletchas and Emilio Cuilan.

Featuring Nick Michel, Justin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Diego Todd, Ben Blundell & Danny Brady.

Our friends over at Quartersnacks teamed up with the brand new Mess Skate Mag to release this video starring Cooper Winterson. You might know him from ETHER, as the person behind the lens or from his “Skating is easy” part, in which he performs in front of it. Cooper is pretty good with both.

What can you say about getting that QS stamp on your work? It means quality, it means that there is substance and it means that you get access to a certain amount of readers.

“I was gay for a very long time and was in the closet. And I was an “adoptee” – an adopted kid. I was dealing with all that.”

John Petras

John Petras’ story is very interesting and inspiring, it shows us that skateboarding can be a healing place and that we can accept people as they are.

We strongly advise you to press play and afterward take a trip to the Quartersnacks website to read the interview.

Besides all the bad things that are coming out of this pandemic, QS’s very own Josh Velez had time on his hands and finished up a part. If you happen to be a Sneakerhead, you are going to love this even more.

” Josh has been on a half-decade streak of filming parts mostly on his two days off from work a week. For a sizable chunk of 2020, there was no work, so this year’s is an extended edition — complete with cameos from some extended QS family members who haven’t popped up in an edit for deep.”

Not only did he get clips but also managed to sneak in a few guest tricks by Antonio Durao, Connor Champion, Kevin Tierney & more.

Via Quartersnacks we were lucky to find this very interesting read about the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame situation surrounding Kareem Campbell & his self professed pupil Chad Muska.

Read the whole thing by clicking here.

After his famed Place video part Poetic’s own Simon Källkvist has now moved over to NYC’s Quartersnacks so he can put that one under his belt.

He also changed shoe sponsors from the big C to a big N but his love for the game has remained the same and we love him for it. Go and watch Simon’s part now!

We really can’t say anything that Quartersnacks hasn’t already said but we will add the fact that we feel that this is a must-watch.

Diego Donival went out of his way to create something unique even though QS said it has “one foot in the present, another in the past.” in the end it is all his creation.