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We lost count of how often we saw Aidan take a bad slam or hit his head on something, but that doesn´t make it less nerve-racking to watch him skate. Hopefully, FA pays this young man enough for good health insurance. In ” Randy Farkus” he continues doing his own thing with going down more steep (dirt) hills, maneuvering tricky manuals, and adding some sketchy pole jams to the mix. It´s always a treat to see some Aidan footage.

Another instant classic by Fucking Awesome with a lot of small details in post production of the audio and photography. It’s always a lot of fun watching those edits and finding all these little references.

Featuring an outstanding Louie Lopez, Na-Kel Smith, Anthony Van Engelen, Sage Elsesser, Diego Todd, the new guy Joe Campos, Nik Stain, Ben Kadow, John Fitzgerald, Donovon Piscopo, Sean Pablo & Andrew Allen.

The FA squad have been touring through Europe.

Featuring Anthony Van Engelen, Jason Dill, Kevin Bradley, Diego Todd, Ben Kadow, Sean Pablo, Andrew Allen, Sage Elsesser, Kevin Rodrigues, Louie Lopez & Aidan Mackey.

After the success of the first movie and the leftover montage we now get “Boys Of Summer 2”. The film has the same humor, the same behind the scenes type of feel and big-name skating that the first one had.

Still, part 2 seems more serious, less of the cuff and more focussed, you win some you lose some, see for yourself.

The title says it all, this is THE Greg Hunt interview! It starts with his skating and ends with his new book about Jason Dill.

It is a slightly longer read but if you are interested in what Greg has to offer you will be delighted!

Go and read the article by clicking this link.

Photo by Ryan Allan.

History is important and Bill Strobeck’s path in skateboarding is comparable to being an artist in Paris during the start of the 1900’s.

Bill once said in an interview he was thinking about making a video with all his best footage and we hope this is the start of that renaissance project.

It’s a simple recipe, two dudes having a chat. But when the two dudes are some of Skateboardings most beloved and stylish men then you know it’s a recipe with a delish outcome. With chat around LA from music to restaurants and it’s all topped off with photos of AVE crushing LA.

Andrew Allen’s chat formula has produced another wee tasteful delight and if you haven’t checked it out before go back read them all, it’s really your favorite skater talking shit with a bunch of your other favorite skaters.

Click here to check out the chat.

Photo by Jared Sherbert 

Under the aegis of F.A. World Entertainment Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen founded their own new company, Hockey Skateboards. Everyone who already came across productions of those two company names knows that they like to do things a little different, which is at least one of the numerous reasons they are widely celebrated for. Therefore, style-wise “Hockey II” makes no exception and the skating of Andrew Allen and Ben Kadow is just incredible!

Once again somebody took the time to create a little Supreme style compilation clips. There is something to it though scrolling through Strobeck’s feed and collection little snippets here and there. You get Fat Bill’s style of filming with the music style of the creator (or not), but in the end something new is created. Remixing or collaging is, was and will remain one of todays most important movements in and out of skateboarding.

Die Zeit rennt. Immer. Unaufhaltsam. Und schon ist der Mai fast vorbei – eine willkommene Gelegenheit für uns euch nochmals die Highlights des Monats zusammengefasst ans Herz zu legen. Was los war, lest ihr hier – viel Vergnügen:

Now all the Pros want Selfies – PLACE Selfie Cam #1.

Ein Snapshot Recap aus Barcelona – Träume werden wahr.

Paul Rodriguez – ein Skateboard Superstar im Interview.

Ben Chadourne erzählt, was es mit dem Hashtag #pleasecharge auf sich hat.

Ein Fotoreport vom Street League Event in Barcelona.

Mit dem Zug durch China – eine Abenteuerreise feat. Daniel Pannemann, Vladik Scholz und vielen mehr.

Wie nutzt die neue Generation eigentlich die sozialen Medien? Nepomuk Herok im Gespräch.

Mit den LookyLooky Girls haben wir ordentlich Geld verbrannt.

Wer betreut eigentlich die Social Media Kanäle der Pros? Fred van Schie.

Während der Propeller Premiere haben wir Geoff Rowley zum Interview getroffen.

Wir haben Eric Koston gestalkt.

Das Chris Pfanner Interview.

Anthony van Engelen spricht im Interview über das Vans Video und den Wert von Printmedien.

Skateboarding im digitalen Zeitalter – eine Analyse.