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It´s not a common thing to found a grip tape brand in skateboarding regarding the few already well-established brands out there but it seems that the people around Miles Griptape wanted to get their friends together and create their own thing. We love that! It is even better when it results in clips like their latest offering. A feel-good video from a recent trip to Texas, USA. Filmed and edited by Johnny Wilson.

Get your Miles Griptape HERE.

Well, that was about time! Ishod finally gets his first ever pro model on Nike SB and to celebrate this historical event Nike called up a few team mates, got together and created the video above. It doesn’t always have to be a video part. CLICK HERE to purchase the shoes.

The third and final installment of a series of collaborative moves that can only be described as bringing the best of both worlds.

Fashion and product design from a company that brings together runway and youth culture combined with the swagger of Portland’s finest, combined with a legend like Eric Koston and you get FRI.day.

Before you press play take a trip down memory lane and check out the first FRI.day 001 video:

Shot in Soulland’s home town of Copenhagen, Denmark. Featuring a strong crew consisting of Eric Koston, Hjalte, Karsten, Hugo, Ville, Jugga & Oski.

Then after we got the sequel with the 002 episode traveling all the way to Eric’s hometown of Los Angeles to show and prove that the first one was not a fluke. Check out our little talk with one of PLACE’s favorites Ville Wester here.

And now we are at the third and final stop, a stop that unlike the first two doesn’t visit a person but visits Soulland’s own Silas Adler’s home of inspiration, Tokyo. We like you are excited so press play and let the FRI.day venom spike into your veins 🐍

A proud moment, our former intern and friend Augustin Giovannoni filmed and edited this new Nike SB video, not any nike video. This one has some big guns in it, Koston, Kyron, JB, Vincent with Paul Rodriguez being the stand out!
We think that after his knee heals up P-Rod needs to hop on a plane because Paris brought out the best in him.

The fifteen years anniversary of the Nike SB Dunk still echos on through the scene. I guess, more or less everybody is aware of the fact that this shoe truly is something special. But how exactly was the enormous hype created? Listen to the stories of shop owners, collaborators and, of course, the skateboarders who followed the history of the shoe through the years and helped to make the SB Dunk a legend.

Eric Living Legend Koston is unstoppable. Even with 40 years of age he is dropping full parts like a young gun. His appearance in Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 3 shows ones again that for some lucky ones age is just a number and we truly believe that this is far away from being Koston’s last part of his eternal career. Legendary.

The Swoosh just announced, that their third part of the “Chronical” Videos will be released in December. Line up reads more than good, expect parts from Karsten Kleppan, Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, Cory Kennedy and Brian Anderson. Get hyped, here’s the teaser:

Die Zeit rennt. Immer. Unaufhaltsam. Und schon ist der Mai fast vorbei – eine willkommene Gelegenheit für uns euch nochmals die Highlights des Monats zusammengefasst ans Herz zu legen. Was los war, lest ihr hier – viel Vergnügen:

Now all the Pros want Selfies – PLACE Selfie Cam #1.

Ein Snapshot Recap aus Barcelona – Träume werden wahr.

Paul Rodriguez – ein Skateboard Superstar im Interview.

Ben Chadourne erzählt, was es mit dem Hashtag #pleasecharge auf sich hat.

Ein Fotoreport vom Street League Event in Barcelona.

Mit dem Zug durch China – eine Abenteuerreise feat. Daniel Pannemann, Vladik Scholz und vielen mehr.

Wie nutzt die neue Generation eigentlich die sozialen Medien? Nepomuk Herok im Gespräch.

Mit den LookyLooky Girls haben wir ordentlich Geld verbrannt.

Wer betreut eigentlich die Social Media Kanäle der Pros? Fred van Schie.

Während der Propeller Premiere haben wir Geoff Rowley zum Interview getroffen.

Wir haben Eric Koston gestalkt.

Das Chris Pfanner Interview.

Anthony van Engelen spricht im Interview über das Vans Video und den Wert von Printmedien.

Skateboarding im digitalen Zeitalter – eine Analyse.