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We met the guys while we were out in Los Angeles working on our current issue. Magnus was trying that switch frontside wallride and drove straight into me after the landing, “Yooo, what’s up guys?”.

We talked for a bit and they told us they were looking for greyish spots only, “Wrong city!” is what we told them but after seeing the results it turns out they were right and we were tripping. Enjoy this new Colin Kennedy piece!

Our interest in someone always starts with skating but it doesn’t end there. Rapper N.O.R.E. said it best: for the first two years your skills will carry you but after that, you need to be able to give a good interview. We see a lot of parallels between skating and music, so when Magnus Bordewick temporarily moved to Berlin this summer I invited him to our office to talk.

So, we talked skating, his possible departure from Oslo, the value of a good photographer (@Biemer: Magnus wants me to give you some props here!) and a lot more. But we didn’t touch on his love for dogs that much. So when I finally called him up to talk, I proposed the idea of doing an interview about his dog; his love of and knowledge about dogs. He answered: “Yo I’m super down for that. Let’s do it!”

Read the whole interview in our new issue! You can get it HERE and in every finer skateshop in Europe.

Supported by adidas Skateboarding.

Last week we launched our new “Dit is Berlin” series which started off with Philip Oehimige and Eric Erhardt. Both managed to set a strong precedent with their episode.

Today it is time for the second episode featuring two of  Norway’s finest: Magnus Bordewick and Marcus Shaw who both hail from Oslo. The latter willfully started a line with pushing switch mongo and then at the end of the line reverting to regular switch push. Some pretty OG Guy Mariano type of stuff, who happens now to be on the same team as Magnus.

Pol Catena and Niels Bennett hold their own and pull out some pretty tech moves. At times Niels is like a young Mark Suciu – in our book a major compliment!  Another fun fact about Niels is that he talks German fluently. Finally, somebody’s mixed American /// German heritage paid off. Trust us it made his life considerably easier during his time in Germany’s capital.

Next week on Wednesday we will be dropping the final episode of “Dit is Berlin” for you. Featuring the likes of Valle Rosomako, Tjark Thielker, Daniel Ledermann and many others.

We would like to thank adidas skateboarding for the support now go watch the newest episode of “Dit is Berlin”!