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A lovely piece of video by Naquan Rollings who shows his friends, the city, the civil unrest and more in this pretty political film set in New York during a worldwide pandemic.

A must watch, even if you don’t care about nothing other than good music.

One of our favorite film makers Antosh Cimoszko has just released his latest piece called “elbow room”. Just what we need to get things going on a Sunday.

It has been a while since we have seen Shawn skate but this is actually quite nice and the collab with Fila and Majestic is cool as well. Pop shove-it 5-0 fs shove-it is a highlight for us but you can find your own, there is something for everyone.

You have seen the full video, you have read the interviews now it is time for the stuff that did not make it into the full length. Enjoy (the b-sides are always the best anyway)!


photo by Colin Sussingham

Everybody knows Bill films for both his and Supreme’s Instagram, his music selection immaculate like that first Ghostface Killah album.

Before people took his videos and made the strobeckouttakes series on youtube happen. It seems though that from now on we don’t need that because Mr. Strobeck remixed his own Tyshawn Jones footage.

Short and extra sweet New York clip from the recording instrument of Edward Claire. With Jared Burke taking mainstage and Jace Maupin and Anthony Padilla on back up its a nice Saturday morning treat.

Hotel Blue, has a new video offering, Rough Luxury, straight from the streets of NYC. Filled with enough grit and power too keep you satisfied until your next NYC hit.

First off, the skating in this video is obviously high-level but the thing we instantly noticed was a case of a musical “who wore it better”.
The battle is between Leon Rodulph’s 2backpacks video and Grand Collection’s “Buggy” Video. You be the judge!

Genesis Evans just came out with one of the first summer in NYC edits. The big apple looks like a lot of fun in the pre-heatwave and post snow storm season.

Germany’s Maxi Schaible, Jost Arens, Tillmann Richter and Dennis Ludwig in New York City. Some Visitors of New York have problems finding their way, those guys just went for it.

When your favorite filmer films your favorite skaters. Well, in that case, it has to be written in past tense because this was filmed before 2010. Alex Olson in Lakai’s, Jake Johnson skating an AWS Board and Janoski in Janoskis, ha. Some things never change. Go, watch the video it is amazing:

Sage is one of our favorites not only because of his skating, his vibe is what really sets him apart from all others. This video part really combines those aspects without even saying a word or hard selling the shoes (That looks great btw). Anyway watch this part, put on Illmatic afterwards and book a spring flight to NYC.

Read our interview from issue 54 here.

Here we have an episode of “Eat Like a Local” with 5 Boro professional skateboarder Jordan Trahan. For a day Jordan is showing us around his favorite haunts in the Lower East Side. There is also a little skating here and there:

When Alltimers first came out it felt like something quintessentially New York a.k.a. “a NYC thing.” but things have changed. Today the squad is packed with a bunch of Canucks which isn’t a bad thing by the way. It is kind off like Hip Hop it came from New York but the top artist at the moment is Canadien. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Hip Hop music and culture will always be from the Bronx! Drake is just doing it best right now.

Featuring Dustin Henry, Conor Prunty, Charles Rivard, Will Marshall, Ben Blundell, Adrian Vega, Adam Zhu, Gabe Hazell and Etienne Gagne

One of the nicest things about the current state of the skateboard industry is that there are a lot of new companies with fresh ideas popping up and right of the bat Hotel Blue seems to be carving a lane for itself with this video. We feel that new companies tend to work out best when the person running the show has an opinion of his own and since this company is run by the same person that created LurkNYC  we are sure the company will have a strong direction. All in all, we like the vibe, the team, the skating, and this clip, and if you do too, you should familiarize yourself with Hotel Blue.

Featuring Giovanni Vacca, Adam Becerra, Mark Poole, Dylan Fulford, and Will Blakley.