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The heads over at Alltimers thought the people deserve a new video and so they blessed us with this 43-minute video. A lot of amazing skating by everyone but big S/O to Zered Bassett for still killing it. How do you keep that skill level?

What if god said that video is what you needed? Bronze56k is back with another amazing video celebrating their newest collaboration with DC Shoes. They revived the OG DC Shoes Clocker 2 from back in the days to once again make the chunky-shoe-lovers happy.

As usual, Peter Sidlauskas did a great job editing this one.

The guy that made The AntiSocial video and Civic Affair now delivers this 9-minute video called “Savers”. As always everything is on point, especially the music selection.


Dustin Henry, Dylan Fulford, Mike Campbell, Magnus Hanson, Kevin Lowry, Andrew McGraw, Mike Vince, Will Marshall, Zander Mitchell, Justin David, Jed Anderson and many more.

When Alltimers first came out it felt like something quintessentially New York a.k.a. “a NYC thing.” but things have changed. Today the squad is packed with a bunch of Canucks which isn’t a bad thing by the way. It is kind off like Hip Hop it came from New York but the top artist at the moment is Canadien. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Hip Hop music and culture will always be from the Bronx! Drake is just doing it best right now.

Featuring Dustin Henry, Conor Prunty, Charles Rivard, Will Marshall, Ben Blundell, Adrian Vega, Adam Zhu, Gabe Hazell and Etienne Gagne

Dropping sort of mixtape-like skate videos seem to be the state of the art right now, which is, at least to my mind, a nice compromise between the flood of short-living online clips of modern times and the classic full lengths. However, Montreal’s Dime crew just delivered another quarter hour of great skateboarding, which will entertain you for sure!

Na jut, dann ma los, wa?! Fangen wir ganz gechillt an mit Marc Johnson, bei dem sogar Parkfooty etwas hergibt.

Von wem wir nicht wussten, dass er so gut ist, ist Zach Doeling, der einen Part für VOX Shoes rausgehauen hat. Krasse Moves, jedenfalls.

Fabian Michel nutzt die Nacht. Aber nicht wie ein 08/15 Raver, sondern wie ein Skater. Licht an in Wiesbaden und ab geht´s.

Lucien Clarke ist einer meiner Lieblingsskater aus Europa. Barzkopp und Styler. Zudem fährt er für Palace. Gutes Gesamtpaket, würde ich behaupten. Hier ist ein kleiner Einblick in sein Können. Denkst du jetzt genau so?

Kevin Terpening macht No-Complys in Super Slo-Mo. Verstehst du?! Suuuuppeeeerr Slooooooo-Moooooo. Muh!

Das DC Team Canada war für zwei Monate in Barcelona. Und ratet mal, was?! Genau, die haben alles in Grund und Boden gerippt. Mit dabei waren Morgan Smith, Chad Dickson, Mitch Barrette, Will Marshall und Josh Clark.