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San Francisco’s Otto Ray made a new video dedicated to Pablo Ramirez and it shows a bunch of unseen angles from the recent GX1000 video. We could watch the crew nonstop. Good one!

Quasi Skateboards just released a full length video that goes by the name of “GRAND PRAIRIE” and it features Dane Barker, Dick Rizzo, Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett, Bobby De Keyzer, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Wilson, the Foundation team and Justin Henry, who has just turned pro for the American board brand.

Absolutely incredible Alexis Sablone section in this one.

A film by Ben Chadourne


It seems like that nowadays the Thrasher site has become the number one choice when it comes to a media outlet even for the bigger brands. The new Converse CONS Purple video is not released on their own YT channel but via the “Skateboard Bible”.

Watch Jake Johnson, Louie Lopez, K-rod, Bobby DeKeyzer & 100 other guys go absolutely a 100% in.

National Geographic, skate photographer Johnathan Mehring ventures out into Canada and on the way tells us a lot about the way he shoots skateboarding.
Which might seem uninteresting to a lot of you at first but when you insert Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre & Eli Reed things start to change.

A good amount of the American CONS Team went on a trip to Australia & New Zeland to give some demos and hang out with the locals, starring: Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Mike Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Bobby De Keyzer, Aaron Herrington, Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Andrew Brophy, Bryce Golder, and Dean Palmer.

The SOTY race is on and Converse wanted to remind us of the fact that Jake Johnson is in the running this year. There is more than highlights in this raw cut and we hope the good people over at Thrasher take this bid seriously.

Photo by Jonathan Mehring.

Remember that tour clip in Spain set to some traditional Spanish music, no? Well, we made the case that it would be interesting to see more diverse music in skate videos, I.E. a clip filmed in India set to Sattar music and so forth and so on. Well we don’t know if the people over at Converse read our posts but they did put some African style music under this video and in our opinion it makes the vibe stand out even more.

Photo by Ben Colen

Dropping sort of mixtape-like skate videos seem to be the state of the art right now, which is, at least to my mind, a nice compromise between the flood of short-living online clips of modern times and the classic full lengths. However, Montreal’s Dime crew just delivered another quarter hour of great skateboarding, which will entertain you for sure!

The hardware manufacture Hard Luck has a very diverse team, which shows its capabilities in this little promo clip. As it includes prestigious names like Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Eric Dressen, Sammy Baca, Julian Davidson, Jason Jessee, Mike Anderson and many more, it is pretty sure that this clip is something for everyone. Enjoy!

Richmond Virginia, is where most of this clip seems to take place, if I’m correct the home of Quasi skateboards (formerly known as Mother Collective) the clip features the likes of Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Josh Wilson and Dick Rizzo. This clips delivers some quality skateboarding set to some good music, a simple and timeless concept that makes you want to go out and skate.

Starting in June 2015 the CONS Skate Team will be visiting cities around the world to skate, hang and promote the new Converse CONS One Star Pro. If you’re lucky and live around Cologne or Berlin – go see the whole squad, namely Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Zered Bassett, Mike Anderson, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Sage Elsesser, Aaron Herrington, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Sammy Baca, Don Nguyen, Sean Pablo, Harry Lintell, Jonas Hess, Danny Sommerfeld and Daniel Pannemann


Köln, 27. Juli
Signing Session: 16:00 Pivot Skateshop
Skate Demo: 18:00 KAP686


Berlin, 29. Juli
Meet&Greet: 17:00 Civilist Store
Skate Demo: 18:00 Pappelpatz

Die wohl angesagteste Serie des letzten Jahres GX1000 im Raw Cut. Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, Jake Johnson uvm. in Barcelona, London, SF und einigen anderen Metropolen. Das Thrasher Magazine fügt hinzu: “No music, no filler, just four wheels on the concrete. Skateboarding IS a crime.” Schön gesagt.

Das Jahr hat 365 Tage und in der Regel erscheint täglich mindestens ein Full Part. Wir gehen also ungefähr von 365 Skatern im Jahr aus. Bei diesen 365 Full Parts sind uns nur einige wenige wirklich im Gedächtnis geblieben. Genauer gesagt haben wir zehn in unserer Liste. Wenn man sich diese Liste mal etwas genauer anschaut, wird man schnell merken, dass davon ein großer Teil vom Thrasher Magazine präsentiert wurde, was anscheinend heutzutage der womöglich wichtigste Kanal zu sein scheint. Unsere persönliche Top Ten des Jahres, direkt aus dem Office:

10. Taylor Nawrocki : TransWorld Skateboarding “El Sol”
Wir fangen an mit einem neuen Gesicht von der Eastcoast. VX 1000 Aufnahmen aus Valencia.

09. Cory Kennedy : Rat Poison
CK1 gehört definitiv zu unseren Lieblingsskatern, noch dazu passt der Song wie die Faust auf das Auge. Cory for the win!

08. Ben Raemers : Tiltmode Episodes “Bad Boy”
Ziemlich überraschend kam Bens Part und so ist er uns auch in Erinnerung geblieben. Tiltmode enttäuscht nie.

07. Bobby Worrest : Thrasher Magazine “Luxury & Loudness”
Keine Liste ohne Bobby.

06. Madars Apse : “Subject Madars”
Der einzige noch in Europa lebende Kandidat in dieser Top 10.

05. Dylan Rieder : HUF “The Dylan”
Anders und provokant und vor allem gut.

04. Rob Wootton : Thrasher Magazine “Name Changer”
Wenn man seinen Vornamen ändert, und das mit einem Full Part von solch einem Kaliber, landet man gerne in unserer Top 10. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.

03. Grant Taylor : “GT Blazer” Nike SB
S.O.T.Y. all year, every year..

02. Wes Kremer : DC Shoes “Crusty By Nature”
..und im Anschluss der neue S.O.T.Y.

01. Jake Johnson : Static 4
Jake Johnson war in diesem Jahr präsent wie selten zuvor. Verdient auf der Pole Position und wir hoffen, dass das im nächsten Jahr genau so aussieht.

Qualität statt Quantität, wenn man von Jake Johnson spricht. Und dann geht auch noch etwas verloren. Zum Glück ist die Footage wieder aufgetaucht, denn jetzt fühlt es sich an wie einen 20 Euro Schein in einer alten Jacke zu finden. Na ja, die 20 Euro sind schnell wieder weg! Wenn man den Gerüchten Glauben schenkt, fährt Jake nun ab sofort für Krooked Skateboards.