Aaron Herrington was on flow for Plan B and Silver before he decided to change direction and become part of the Polar Skate Co. As rumor has it, he already churned up a big amount of footage for the upcoming Polar video. But that seems only logical, especially if you see him skating in person. We met Aaron to find about that one little secret he has…

Aaron, is it true that you have a white lighter phobia?

I do have a white lighter phobia! I was told by a friend to never light a smoke with a white lighter… There wasn’t much of a story behind why you don’t use them other than he said it was “bad luck”. I never knew that a bunch of people in the “27 Club” died with a white lighter in their possession, pretty crazy. Ever since then, I’ve refrained from using a white lighter for about 6-7 years until I used one of the Converse boys’ white lighter. It was either that, or not smoke. And I’d rather smoke. 

by Danny Sommerfeld