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Damn, that is # 3 already? Yes. Our third Converse “Push Berlin” session earlier this year went down successfully and we can’t wait to reopen the doors of YAAM next Tuesday. Here is what went down, who was there and what you have missed out on:

Together with Converse, we are proudly hosting a session for everyone to join on the 03.03 (Tuesday) at YAAM Berlin, after Give Something Back To Berlin took over the park, build by Yamato Living Ramps.

Learn more about GSBTB HERE and watch our Converse CONS team session HERE.

All photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

All you need to know for next Tuesday:

Last Saturday something happened, a group of people honored us with their presence, their good spirits & their bowling skills. Today we recap the magic of that night for you.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

At the start of the night, there was some confusion about how to bowl.
Love the ball and it will reward you!

What happened? Well, we had one of our best events ever, from a slow start, where basically everyone turned up on time, which was a bit early (not expected at a skate event) to an electric final we have you, the Berlin skate scene to thank for making this what it was!

Some people were not aware of the strengths they possessed.
Valle Cafuk showing some of that skateboard attitude on the lanes.
He managed to reel it in though.
We also had a best strike competition, this was not it though.
The great Mark Nickels in full swing during the finals.

What it was? Well, a night of surprises. For instance, a very drunk Jack Taylor together with a driven Dan Clarke making it all the way to the finals. An amazing performance from Collin McLean who bowls with as much finesse as he skates. Mark Nickels who brought his own bowling ball and wore a bowling shirt (scare tactics) and bowled steadily for the entire night, in the end, coming up short because Berlin local and adidas skater Baswti kept racking them up and knocking them down like he had ice in his veins.

Jack Taylor one half of the aptly named team Jack Daniels.
1up or 10 down? Bowling is full of surprises.
Love is in the air when Paul Röhrs enters the room.

When we shot the trailer he wasn’t bowling like this we tell you! He did use his patented own was of throwing the ball but it seemed like in the 3-weeks between the shoot for the trailer and the actual event he had put in the work and at the end up the night took home the 300€ prize money. Congratulations Bawsti you earned it!

Sitting down, Bänke Life!
Steffen Grap, Grap means joke in Dutch but we don’t think Steffen felt this was funny.
Ruhe means to rest in German but Julian Ruhe means business on the bowling lanes.

adidas Skateboarding thank you for helping us and making this happen, it was a magic evening for all in attendance, skater, and non-skater together knocking down those pins together.

Like Ronaldo or Messi on the field, Bawsti shuts the haters up and takes home the prize!
We can’t all win but at least you had the outfit of the night.
Diptych side 1.
Diptyque side 2.

Last week we celebrated the start of the 10-year anniversary of Nozbone’s Benchmark contest. Starting in Berlin and concluding last Sunday in Paris. And a sun-filled day it was. It felt like spring had hit us again for a day, which turned the day into somewhat of a festival.

With the mood set, let’s get into the skating. It was culminating in some amazing skating by people like John Purcell, Hugo Corbin, Giorgi Armani, Farid Ulrich and Nozbone’s own Marc-A Barbier who, in the end, took home the win.
















We think Nike SB, Civilist, Nozbone and À Propos magazine did a great job this year and we hope to be back next year.

Last Saturday marked the start of this year’s Benchmark Contest’s. The 2017 series is special because it is the tenth year that Paris’s Nozbone is organizing this event and thus they chose to partner up with Berlin’s Civilist skate shop and have two contests instead of one.

That meant that the winner of the Berlin event would earn himself some money and a ticket to skate in the Paris event this coming weekend.

The concept for this year was to incorporate Bauhaus as a style element.


You might recognize this man, he built the obstacles.


The course was not only used to skate on, some parkour went down as well.


The crowd was colorful and of all ages.


This guy skated the course the entire time but did not enter the contest!?


A closer look at the result of Kliewer’s build.


To his own surprise, this Georgian wunderkind almost took the top spot.


We would consider this a cryptogramic self portrait of Mr. TPDG himself. Dogs and cameras always a sure thing.


The old in and out with two German legends.


Denny Pham finished third but still managed to please the crowd.


If you look closely you can see Giorgi doing his second place line.


In the end the French took the title back to Paris, Hugo Corbin came out on top!

We are proud to host the probably last skate event for summer 2017. The Benchmark Contest takes their format to Berlin for the very first time and here is all the information you need:

“For its tenth year, the Nozbone Benchmark Contest presented by Nike Skateboarding goes to Berlin on September 16th to meet Civilist before heading back to Paris on the 24th.

Two stages for this international edition which rules remain the same since 2008: doing a line of tricks on benches and the different obstacles built specially for the event, inspired by the artistic style born in the early days of the 20th century in Berlin: the Bauhaus.

Winner of the Berlin contest at ‘Spot der Visionäre’ will share a total prize purse of € 1.500 and will be flown out the OG Paris event.”


Marca Barbier, Hugo Corbin, Giorgi Armani, Sami Harithi & Farid Ulrich are all meeting at the intersection, where it seems that Paris abruptly becomes Berlin.

For its tenth year, the Nozbone Skateshop Benchmark Contest presented by Nike Skateboarding goes to Berlin on September 16th to meet Civilist before heading back to Paris on the 24th. We are glad to invite you all!

Filmed by Peter Buikema & Augustin Giovannoni.

After the success of last years Nike SB Project DSS sessions, it is finally time to open a new chapter for 2017.

The expansion of the #ProjectDSS park that we have all enjoyed over the last year is a priority; and just like last year, your opinion matters. Therefore Nike SB dropped of some #ProjectDSS Design Boxes at Civilist, Titus Berlin, Titus Zoopreme, Nike Store Berlin and the Nike SB Shelter. Starting today, you can drop off your ideas, sketches, opinions or tips in one of the boxes at one of the locations mentioned above and please do not hesitate to ask , we are very looking forward for see your ideas.

Nike SB in collaboration with Yamato Living Ramps and 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V. will host a Design Session at the DSS. The event will take place on Friday, May 12th starting at 17:00.

This event is meant as a Brainstorming session. Jan Kliewer will be present to discuss your ideas and the future of DSS. Like last year this event is not only about the new design, there will be some skating including a BBQ session with drinks supplied by the nice folks over at Titus Berlin.

Head over to to the Facebook Event to save the date.

Click this link to keep yourself updated.



Tomorrow it is finally time for the long-awaited (at least by us) launch of the Aus Berlin 2015 Yearbook. At the launch event, there will be an exhibition and a video premier just to spice things up just a tad bit more. So if you want to see what happened last year in Germany’s capital head over to Civilist tomorrow around 7:30PM so you can enjoy the book, the video, and the exhibition.

For those of you that want to know a bit more about the yearbook project, we did an interview with Thomas Busuttil who started the Yearbook project that you can check out here.

For Facebook updates click here.


#ProjectDSS is served! After six events of collective preparation we’re super close to finally enjoy the delightful result of all our diligent work. Join us and the Nike SB, Civilist and Skate Mental team at the ceremonial supper at June 27th. Enjoy sessioning some fresh mouth-watering concrete while delicately savoring a hot slice of pizza made by ‘Ragazzi della Fontana’ and getting rewarded by € 1.500 cash for delicious tricks.

The ‘1. Berliner Skateboard e.V.’ and ‘Yamato Living Ramps’ will officially open the venue and pizza oven at 7 PM. If you’re around Civilist you’ll be able to jump on a shuttle bus at 6.30 PM. Buon appetite and see you at the DSS!

We are proud to announce that Nike SB and PLACE have teamed up once again and this one is special because of the launch of the Project DSS. “What is the Project DSS?” you might ask. Well Nike SB has collaborated with Yamato Living Ramps and 1. Berliner Skateboard Verein e.V. to expand one of Berlins most famous DIY spots “The Dog Shit Spot”. To celebrate the start of this project, we will host a couple events starting with the official Project DSS Launch Event on the 17th of May. The first event will be hosted by Civilist at the Pappelplatz skatepark.


You can expect cold drinks, a BBQ, and an open skate session, but most importantly, YOU the people can vote on obstacles that will be built at the spot. So if you care about skateboarding, voting, changing your city and having a good time, head over to Pappelplatz skatepark to participate in the Project DSS Launch event.

Register now for some free BBQ and cold drinks.


Starting in June 2015 the CONS Skate Team will be visiting cities around the world to skate, hang and promote the new Converse CONS One Star Pro. If you’re lucky and live around Cologne or Berlin – go see the whole squad, namely Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Zered Bassett, Mike Anderson, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Sage Elsesser, Aaron Herrington, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Sammy Baca, Don Nguyen, Sean Pablo, Harry Lintell, Jonas Hess, Danny Sommerfeld and Daniel Pannemann


Köln, 27. Juli
Signing Session: 16:00 Pivot Skateshop
Skate Demo: 18:00 KAP686


Berlin, 29. Juli
Meet&Greet: 17:00 Civilist Store
Skate Demo: 18:00 Pappelpatz

As we said before, we had a great day on this year’s Battle At The Bänke 5 during Go Skateboarding Day in Berlin. Here’s the video featuring amazing lines by Louis Taubert, Denny Pham, Alex Mizurov and many more. Speed kills, see you next year!

Photo gallery Battle At The Bänke 5

Filmed by: Julius Krappe, Severin Strauss, Konrad Waldmann, Dan Schulz
Edited by: Julius Krappe

Let’s call it a day! Go Skateboarding Day 2015 in Berlin was a blast. The crowd met at Civilist store in Mitte to get their goodie bags while Nike SB donated money towards a new local Skate-Spot-Project for every kilometer that was pushed on a skateboard through the streets. The route took us to the “Bänke”, the famous street spot at Warschauerstr. where another issue of Battle At The Bänke was about to go down.

This 5th issue of BATB went to the history books as Alex Mizurov and Denny Pham did so many lines, they could have filmed a whole Bänke-part on one day. It was just stunning! Also the homies like Louis Taubert, Patrick Rogalski, Sylvain Tognelli (and many more) did their best to show amazing skateboarding at a fully crowded spot. Thanks to everyone who came along to join this epic Go Skateboarding Day!

Here’s our photo recap, shot by Burny.


Kids loving goodies.




Sebi MC

Sylvain did one of the best lines of the day. Unfortunately he disappeared during the final.

Always a pleasure to watch Sami Harithi skating.

To give you an idea of this still image – Louis` fs bluntlside was fast as hell.

Joscha, Mario & Farid

Probably Denny couldn’t believe how many lines he filmed in one day.

Patrick was on point, flippin’ into fs crooks.

Bänke-legend Jan Kliewer hanging with Topdog Danny Sommerfeld.


Alex, Michi, Vladik and Patrik checking the news.

Michel Funky, Andre and friend.

Alex Mizurov filmed 13 lines – just in the final!

Justin, Denny, Colin, Sami

Best Trick winner Louis going for the long way.

Kerem Elver likes this a lot.

Free stuff!

In total 3850 Euro got donated for the realization of the new skatepark project. Cheers Bo!

Happy winners with cash – Denny got 2nd, Alex 1st and Louis 3rd, he also won the Best Trick.

Watch out for the final video dropping this week!

On the 21st of June we as skateboarders will go out to celebrate our day, Go Skateboarding Day! Skateboarders all over the world will celebrate this day and skate the streets together, Berlin will be no different.

Together with Nike SB, Civilist and Titus Berlin we are gathering all skaters in Berlin and it’s surrounding areas, we invite you to push through the streets with us. As a bonus for every skater that shows up, Nike will donate 15 Euro towards a new local Skate-Spot-Project support your local scene (donation receipt included).

We will start at 14:00 at Civilist, where you will receive a Nike SB GSD 2015 Goodie Bag. Supplies are limited so get there while you can and sign up here.

After that we’ll be pushing through the streets! The route will take us through Alexanderplatz to Titus Berlin where we will make a stop and have a Stuff for Tricks session on a curb. After that we will push on to the main stop of the day, the Warschauer Strasse where PLACE will host Battle At The Bänke 5. There will be both a best line and best trick session with a total prize purse of 1000 Euro Cash! At the end of the day we will introduce the new Spot-Project, this event will take place at the spot itself and after that it’s every skater for himself!

See what went down last year:

Battle At The Bänke 2014 from PLACE Magazine on Vimeo.


See you on Go Skateboarding Day!