Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Production oversight by Daniel Pannemann.

Film & Edit by Marielle Begic.

Today we welcome to you, our favorite intern, (we only have one intern) Marielle Begic. Way back in early 2022, Marielle approached us wanting to learn how we do things around here. Cheeky as we are, we posed a return question and asked, what type of content she wanted to make. She expressed interest in documenting Place Magazine affiliate Steffen Grap, who you might know from his work for Supreme or his work with Julian Klincewicz. So we picked up the phone and made the connection.

Marielle, never afraid to shine, said she wanted to make her debut as a director. A video piece it would be then. And because both Marielle and Steffen carry interesting personalities around, she decided they should both feature in the video. All this craziness was guided by our very own editor-in-chief, Daniel Pannemann. That faithful day when Marielle met Steffen, resulted in what we would like to call the first-ever “Marielle Meets”, a.k.a. Episode 1.

And even though we are sad to see her leave us as an intern, we feel like you should enjoy this very special “Gen Z-flavored” directorial debut by Marielle portraying a young Berlin-based artist in Steffen Grap. Enjoy yourself! And who knows, you might be witnessing the birth of a Hollywood star…