Coming in steaming hot from cold Sweden; Filma för fiveish !!! by Eva skateboards 🙂

As we all know, Sweden is one of the poorest countries on this continent so in this video, there was only money to film for a fiver. They had to roll 50 IKEA meatballs individually in order to fill the budget. We are not talking euro here – we are talking krona (0,5 euro). Big ups to our swedes for making the food chain stay stable and using the proceeds to shoot this video.

Text by Marielle Begić.

Film & edit by Per Larsson.

Special thanks Danijel Stankovic.


Vilma Stål,
Nicklas Beniam,
Hannah Bertram,
Elias Mensi,
Adde Kamlid,
Sebastian Dianoff,
Gabbe Viking,