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In these difficult times, a title like “Push Button to Destroy the World” is not really something we like to hear but maybe we have to hear it. Our friend and Grey Area creator, Kuba Kaczmarczyk, told us that the title got inspired by an old Ed Tempelton graphic he owned back in ´95 and it´s a reminder that we daily push this button by using too much plastic, polluting the oceans, driving our cars or voting for right wing parties. It´s a hard pill to swallow but we are all part of it. So better make a change!

Well, enough of this and let´s enjoy the amazing skating in this video. The whole crew obviously came trough but we want to give out a big shout out to Agata Halikowska! She killed it! We are very excited what the future will bring.

Our friends from Barrier Skateboarding Magazine out of Warsaw just released a new edit by and featuring one of our favorite skaters Michał Juraś. Watch him and his good friends do a few rounds around the block.

The calm before the storm won’t be exactly the right explanation for this video. Stay tuned for more #Legendarypolishpower coming very soon.

Featuring Tom Remillard, Franek Kramarczyk, Pierre Dziedzic, Michał Zarzycki, Michał Juraś, Tomek Ziółkowski, Danijel Stankovic & Andrzej Kwiatek.

Yeah, das Wochenende steht vor der Tür und dafür gibt´s erst mal von Marc Johnson etwas Bonus Footy aus “Pretty Sweet”. Pretty Sweet, das.

Eine Tour mit Vincent Alvarez, Kevin Terpening, Brian Delatorre, Pat Mclain, Jon Scianneaux, Stevie Perez, Tom Remillard und Dan Plunkett kann nur dope sein. Der Clip liefert den Beweis.

Am Montag erscheint das neue enjoi Video. Zack Wallin stimmt uns mit diesem Miniteaser drauf ein. Full Speed auf die Fresse.

Cairo Foster macht es Zack gleich. Bäääm.