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One of the nicest things about the current state of the skateboard industry is that there are a lot of new companies with fresh ideas popping up and right of the bat Hotel Blue seems to be carving a lane for itself with this video. We feel that new companies tend to work out best when the person running the show has an opinion of his own and since this company is run by the same person that created LurkNYC  we are sure the company will have a strong direction. All in all, we like the vibe, the team, the skating, and this clip, and if you do too, you should familiarize yourself with Hotel Blue.

Featuring Giovanni Vacca, Adam Becerra, Mark Poole, Dylan Fulford, and Will Blakley.

Let’s start at the end and work our way to the start. Young Rowan is turning pro and rightfully so! He has been ripping quite hard for quite some time now and if he is able to bring back that late nineties Slash hat Vans needs to give him a shoe! The rest of the team is edited together in a montage. some have more some have less footage but most of them come through. Most notably Dustin Dollin who has been skating like he is a danger to his own health, comes through with a Boulala-escque power move! All in all the Baker promo does what it promises and it does it all to a soundtrack that goes well with your morning coffee and that is a very good thing.

Okay so there is a new Baker promo coming up, great! Baker has not been cool for a minute, it was still okay but it lost something for a couple of years. Now they are back, and this week they are releasing a new promo. I mean just that last scene is enough to convince us of the fact that “when you fuck with Baker that’s what you get!

The hardware manufacture Hard Luck has a very diverse team, which shows its capabilities in this little promo clip. As it includes prestigious names like Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Eric Dressen, Sammy Baca, Julian Davidson, Jason Jessee, Mike Anderson and many more, it is pretty sure that this clip is something for everyone. Enjoy!

The Parisian wheel manufacture Haze Wheels just dropped a nice little promo clip starring Michael Mackrodt, Antoine Roussel, JP Villa, Jody Smith, Bertrand Soubrier, Victor Campillo, Oscar Candon and Hugo Maillard. Filmed with VX only.

BLVD Skateboards ist die Company von Rob Gonzales und Danny Montoya, von der man allerdings in jüngster Vergangenheit eher wenig gehört hat. Umso schöner ist es dafür, wenn eine “Public Notice” in Form eines Promovideos herauskommt, das nicht nur zeigt, dass Montoya noch immer einen Götter-Style besitzt, sondern auch Nachwuchsfahrer wie Tiago Lemos hervorbringt. In gewohnt funkiger Atmosphäre kommt der Clip dynamisch daher und beinahe hätten wir die “Da bekommt man richtig Bock zu skaten” – Floskel herausgekramt. Funktioniert aber auch ohne.

Tommy Guerrero
war im letzten Monat auf seiner ersten Tour durch Europa um sein neues Album “No Man’s Land” zu promoten. Levi’s Skateboarding hat ihn begleitet und diese Doku produziert, die wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen. Ein ausfürliches Interview mit Tommy findet ihr übrigens in unserer aktuellen Ausgabe