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I clearly remember when this project started, I was talking to Leon Rudolph and I asked: “Why don’t you do full-length videos anymore?” He answered: “Right now, I just don’t want to wait to put something out.” Leon did do a lot this year, he did some stuff for Converse Cons, Cleptomanicx and a couple of independent short videos. So an idea crept into our mind, what if we ask Leon to remix his 2016 work into one longer project? He loved the idea, and from that moment we started to talk regularly about the project, Leon would bring up ideas and started working on the project, he even found a date and a location to premiere the project. Yesterday the video had its premiere in Kassel it premiered together with Jonathon the Dog’s new project. So with, that out the way we are proud to introduce to you Leon Rudolph’s newest project “U Already Know” for PLACE, Enjoy!

Featuring: Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Hess, Jan Hoffmann, Daniel Pannemann, Hyun Kummer (Versace_Germany), Jun Kummer (Seoul_air), Steffen Grap, Franz Grimm, Max Sand, Moritz Alte and much more.

This new edit by Augustin Giovannoni gives us a look into what the Parisian youth is up to. Even when the temperature cools down they are out filming with Nnoni. Everybody loves Marc-a’s skating but more and more we are looking out for some Auguste Bouznad tricks as well, he has got a nice mix between style and determination going on right now!

Photo by Augustin Giovannoni

It is great when people manage to realize their dreams. We first heard about PACCBET (pronounced “rassvet”) when we were out in Moscow working on our “Project Russia” issue. While there we met both Gosha Rubchinskiy and Tolia, the latter told us about their idea to create a new brand next to the Gosha Rubchinskiy brand.

Now we all hear people talking about creating something of their own but not many manage to actually do it.  Especially in the way that PACCBET had its start with an event at Dover Street Market. If you are aware of Gosha’s work you probably know that it is important to him to observe and create his own moods, departing from this point he manages to develop his work. Because Tolia and Gosha have known each other for quite some time they also know how to create and work together, navigating between different moods and in the end creating PACCBET, a brand to watch.

Watch the PACCBET promo bellow and click here to read our “Project Russia” interviews with both Gosha and Tolia.


For those of you that don’t know about Spot The Spot it’s an event that was first started by Frisco and now by same people under the Pop Trading Co. umbrella, this year the event had its 10 year anniversary. The formula stayed basically the same, a group of people gather together and skate from spot to spot having a session at each spot. the timing has stayed the same as well, every year just before the kids and the students go back to school Spot The Spot brings people together for one last great day of skateboarding. This tradition started in Arnhem for seven years before it started to travel around Belgium and The Netherlands and now in 2016 the Dutch capital was selected and thus saw its first edition.

The whole thing started at 2 with a nice crowd that had gathered in front of Ben-G skate shop. Nike sponsors the event and thus there were some shoes and some spot the spot apparel made for you to win during one of the sessions. As most of us know skaters can be unpredictable and that means that sometimes unplanned spots get skated as well, this year we saw Spot The Spot veteran Jaap van Marle try one of the “worst street gaps” in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, he did not get to ride away but it is people like Jaap that create the atmosphere that makes Spot The Spot something you want to participate in every year.



Tim Zom Frontside Boardsliding in Muska-esque atire.



This guy was raging at every spot without any regard for his own safety.



You should try and meet the guy with the red and blue cap on and go out skating with him
he will light up your day.



A detail shot of the ground at the “worst street gap in Amsterdam”


Spot the Spot would not be the same without Jaap van Marle trying something you did not think was possible.



Santiago Sasson traveled down from Paris and did this nice Frontside Wallie Backside 180.



Product toss photos are always the best to look at determination and defeat all captured at once.


Photos by Danny Sommerfeld
Text by Roland Hoogwater

Ben Gore found a “thing”, a thing that was probably always around in SF. The scooter makes for a nice natural little element, an element that you could find in your own city. But you could also find your own, if you live in Berlin you could go skate all the mattresses that were put out on the street and if you live in New York you could skate some broken furniture, some already do though but in this part Ben and Zach took that “thing” to a new level.

Photo by CHAMI

It seems like a couple of Germans found a cheap Groupon travel deal, first the Europe Co. guys and now a Paris clip by Paul Herrmann.

The clip features Anton Jäger and Johannes Schirrmeister, the latter seemed to be out there the longest because he managed to pop up in both the videos. Herrmann’s clip itself has a nice and relaxed vibe, just what you need to start off the week.

When it comes to skate trips, the amount of pleasure you will receive in the end is mostly based on the crew of people you are with. You will end up in new places with some people you never met before while you are feeling some pressure to produce good photos and shoot video footage. This process sometimes can turn out to be a lot of fun!

But at the same time, there is no guarantee that you will get some time to be yourself. In fact, this pre-spring trip was not even planned to with these goals in mind. This trip was in fact about a bunch of good friends getting a slice of Porto’s sun while tasting some of Porto’s culinary delights. We were documenting each other’s skateboarding whenever someone was feeling one of the spots the old town has to offer. We weren’t expecting too much, we had semi-working VX cam and some spontaneous coastal showers, this forced us to enjoy the other attractions of the city.  

As a result, our daily skate activities were divided by coffee breaks and some sightseeing. In the end, we were surprised by the amount of footage we are able to present you with in the following clip. The whole thing was entirely filmed by the members of our crew, and if you are watching it you get the same feeling we had on this trip, the feeling of enjoyment when time elapses.

Words by Valeri Rosomako
Edit and Photos by Manuel Bogner

The German Huf team flew out to Bangkok to what they thought would be a nice Airbnb apartment and some good weather and some nice looking spots. Things turned out slightly different, first they were thrown out of their apartment, second the weather was so hot that they had to pick their battles and only skate the spots they really wanted, and thirdly the spots looked great but they were quite rough making you wonder how the guys still managed to produce so much footy in such difficult conditions.

Video featuring: Louis Taubert, Alex Ullmann, Stephan Pöhlmann and Nils Brauer.

Photo by Florian Hopfensperger

Lucas Puig is known to many of us as one of the best to ever do it, Quartersnacks named him the skater of the decade, Dill said his tricks are like bullets, so Adidas decided to mix his best footage from the last five years seems like a great idea! Even if it is just to refresh your memory, or to find out why those people said what they said about Mr. Puig. As for us, we feel like this redux only solidifies why Lucas is deserving of all that he’s got.


Every year with the beginning of summer on June 21st (the longest day), skateboarders all around the globe meet up to celebrate the international Go Skateboarding Day. For this reason, Nike SB once again organized a whole event in Berlin. This year was different because of the Project DSS connection, the day started at a classic spot and ended at what will probably be one of Berlin’s new hotspots for the next years to come! On this day, Polendenkmal was host to the first best line contest and, people definitely went off! Some NBD lines were made with considerable ease and style. After that, we cruised down to eat and skate the DSS. Watch the video and see exactly what the atmosphere was like, who did what and who rolled away with the prize money.

Today the DSS will be officially opened at 7PM so if you want to join us for a little sesh click this link


Every year with the beginning of summer on June 21st, skateboarders all around the globe meet up to celebrate the international Go Skateboarding Day. For this reason, Nike SB once again organized a whole event in Berlin.

After everybody had the chance to pick up a little “GSD goodie bag” at certain skate shops, Berlin’s world famous “Polendenkmal” was the next spot to meet. When the spot was fully crowded everybody was invited to an open session down the stair sets. As Berlin has plenty of very talented riders, one could of course expect an exciting show. But what went down was far more insane than any exaggerated prophecy. The level of skateboarding I witnessed yesterday was just unbelievable. NBD lines were done within minutes and with every trick down the eight and nine stair set the steps seem to shrink more and more.
As the session was finished, everybody set course for the Dog Shit Spot at Warschauer Straße where then food and drinks were served, the results of the votes of the project DSS events were revealed, and another best line contest was about to go down. Moreover, one could have a view on the site of the new skate park and the construction plans got introduced by the man Lennie Burmeister himself.
All in all, it was an outstanding Go Skateboarding Day that seeks its equal.

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld

It’s almost that time of year again, time for Go Skateboarding Day – Day In Day Out! This year we have changed things up a bit, we have taken a new turn, a turn for the best! You can start by registering so you have access to a great but limited GSD 2016 Goodie bag that will give you access to some free drinks and the BBQ. The GSD Goodie bag can be picked up after registration at one of these four locations, so try to register as soon as possible so you don’t miss out:


Pick your GSD goodie bag up at one of these skate shops:

Civilist Store, Brunnenstraße 13, Berlin-Mitte, from 12am

Titus Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, Berlin-Mitte, from 10am

Titus Zoopreme, Meinekestr. 2, Berlin-Charlottenburg from 10am

Nike Berlin Store, Tauentzienstr. 9, Berlin-Charlottenburg, from 10am


You have up until 3PM on the 21st of June to pick up your goodie bag because, at 4PM , we will start the day of at one of Berlin’s most famous street spots the stair sets at the Polendenkmal. There we will be hosting an open best line session where the best lines will be rewarded with 1000 Euros in total! After the mood has been set we will then find our way to the Dog Shit Spot / D.S.S. to unveil a final draft of the design that came out of all of your voting efforts. Come down or roll down the hill with us and see what your vote will result in!
Then we will start the second open best trick session at the newly revamped ledges in which you again can compete in to win another 1000 Euros! So if you participated in the Project D.S.S. events, voted on one or more obstacles, are a Berlin city local or a just person that wants to participate in the day’s events, come down to skate, hang out and celebrate with us at the 2016 Go Skateboarding Day!


Nick a.k.a. Mr. LurkNYC has been making videos like crazy! Every time he finishes one he seems to fine tune or change his style just a little bit. This full length video seems to be another culmination or a compilation showing the best side of the current style of LurkNYC videos, with that being said this video is very well balanced in both the skating, music and nostalgia departments. Enjoy!

Dave Caddo has been around the block a couple off times. Starting back in the early 2000’s he popped up in many of our favorite videos. Dave has always been a skater with quick feet, a limber style and an eye for spots, we did not always like his style but only a fool would argue against his abilities. This 2015-16 version of Dave shows him in tip top shape still skating like a yoga teacher.

Photo by Jon Spitzer

When we were in Russia working on our PLACE PROJECT RUSSIA issue we saw and heard about a lot of people. One of those people was Dmitry Zabozlaev a.k.a. Dimzerz. Now if you pay attention to our Instagram and Thrashers Skateline you might have seen him pop up on your screen. He is a big part of the new generation of young skaters and filmers who are creating in their own style, the cool thing about this movement is that there seem to be no borders for them. They all know each other via the internet and they feed of each others momentum, style and tricks. That doesn’t mean that there is no Russian flavor to what Dmitry is doing it means that the focus lies on looking outward instead of staying in their own clique and looking inwards. We asked Dimzerz to write a small text to go along with this online premiere of his new video “Troica”. Enjoy.

The Filming process for “Troica” was very interesting and fun for me and although my VX1000 sometimes didn’t work and glitched a lot, I still love it and think this is still the best camera to capture skateboarding with.
We’ve been filming for “Troica” from March up until November 2015. The video was shot in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, just traveling from spot to spot with the gang trying to get clips. Unfortunately for me, there was nobody who could really film me, so most of the time I had to stay behind the lens. In the end I did managed to get a couple clips anyway here and there (laughs).

For both filming & editing I take my inspiration from a lot of independent VX filmers that I am subscribed to on YouTube, people like Matt King, Gene Belanger, Jackson Casey, Antosh Cimoszko and Leon Rudolph.

We found the name “Troica” by accident. One day the guys and me were chilling at Dilip & Philipp’s place and wanted to give our crew a name. They found an old Trofim’s tumblr and it was called “Troica”, they really liked the name and stared using it everywhere. Me personally, I think that “Troica” just sounds cool (laughs).

“Troica” features : Dilip Kharel, Philipp Kharel, Trofim Ovchinnikov, Andrey Kotlyarovsky, Dmitry Zabozlaev, Vladislav Baranov, Rodion Yusupov, Gleb Bukhgolts and some Friends. The video has a special appearance from Marcel Burkhart (aka sk8ordont), it was really fun to meet and skate with you dude!

You can check out Dimzerz old video o O \ | / O o by clicking here

Photo by Marcel Burkhart

Intro by Roland Hoogwater

Text by Dmirty Zabozlaev

Damn it is a bad year for music! After Bowie’s death earlier this year, we found out today that one of musics best ever has passed away. Prince was famous for many things, changing himself into a symbol, his androgynous outfits, his public fight with Sinéad O’Connor, The Chapelle show but most of all he will be missed for his incredible aura and his unsurpassed live performances. How Prince died is uncertain but what is certain that his music will live on and because of that we would like to celebrate the good times he gave us and pay hommage to him in our own style enjoy!

Chris Millic – It’s a Secret

Photo by Nandy McClean

It is no secret that we love Franz’s skating, he is one of those people who just has his own way of doing things. We met him in paris during our cruising sessions and he surprised us many times with his skating and his demeanor. Surprisingly Franz is not French and even though his name might suggest that he is in fact German he told us that he felt like he was neither. He is a natural on the board and it shines through both in this clip and in our Paris issue.

Photo by Augustin Giovannoni