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It is no secret that we love Franz’s skating, he is one of those people who just has his own way of doing things. We met him in paris during our cruising sessions and he surprised us many times with his skating and his demeanor. Surprisingly Franz is not French and even though his name might suggest that he is in fact German he told us that he felt like he was neither. He is a natural on the board and it shines through both in this clip and in our Paris issue.

Photo by Augustin Giovannoni

Last week PLACE issue 56 landed in the mail and when an issue is done it is time to host a little get together. Of course the event had be in Paris and while we where out there working on the issue we had found the perfect place. So when the time came we linked up with the people from Chez Justine to set the right atmosphere, it all turned out well and it was a great evening.

Special thanks to Converse and FUTUR for supporting the event.

Photography by Danny Sommerfeld


On the 7th of April we will launch the new Paris / Paname issue together with Converse / FUTUR and Chez Justine. We would like to celebrate this with you at Chez Justine on 96 Rue Oberkampf in Paris. The evening will start at 10 PM. See you in Paris!

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