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Clothes for Progress joined forces with Skatepark NOORD and Low Blow, a young Ukrainian skate brand to present a collaborative clothing collection titled Same Sun. The collection was made of dead stock items and hand-screen printed in Ukraine. The sun symbolizes unity and responsibility as we are joined under the same sun. Same Sun invites us all to come together to raise funds for a brighter future. Join their event today in Amsterdam and if you can please donate HERE.

Filmed by Brudah Sokrat and Bastiaan van Zadelhoff between Kyiv and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s Valuta Brand released a new video, and once again we are amazed by all the perfect spots in the garages and subway stations. They look better than most of the skateparks here in Berlin.

This video made us go back and rewatch Ziggy Schaap’s “No Service” and “bitte sich festzuhalten” by Relativ. Also, two very good videos exploring the possibilities in garages and subway stations.


We usually don’t talk to police and even when in court did not say a word but our very own Roland Hoogwater recently broke that rule while he was visiting a few friends back in his motherland, just to get a few clips for Ziggy Schaaps new series “Horizontal”. Fair enough!

The first one comes with Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Pascal Moelaert, Alex van Zwietering, Myself, Jip Koorevaar & Noah Bunink skating Amsterdam & Den Haag.

We are proud to introduce to you two new things. First, Lea Isabell our new intern and host for our Place Television program. Secondly, our new TV program.

Episode one was recorded at the Vans Shop Riot Finals, a contest where the best shops of all of Europe battle each other to win the coveted title.

Lea took a deep-dive into the crowd and tried to find out some answers we have all been wondering about for the longest of times. Things like which rapper do you think could be a good skater or do you like skater boys?

Anyway, enjoy the video because we certainly while we were making it for you.

On Saturday, September 15th, 2018, Pop Trading Company joined forces with Vans to host the first edition of Vondel ‘18. An invitational skateboard contest in the middle of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. The concept of this event is referring back to simpler times, where phones were not our first priority. You could find basic obstacles reminiscing of San Francisco’s Back to the City contest or closer to home the 3rd Floor Skatepark in Pakhuis Amerika back in the mid to late 90’s.

Next to an impressive line up of some of the best skateboarders in the world and a very interesting location,
 unique to this event was the lack of media. All skateboarders were documented by one crew using Hi-8 camera’s 
as it would happen in the early days, pre-internet, where you would have to wait for the latest 411 Video Magazine or Transworld Skateboarding to see who had won a skateboard competition.

With checkpoints at both entrances the crowd had to go back in time with us as phone cameras were stickered, Berghain style, where the court was treated like a movie set, nobody films or shoots photos apart from the invited media.
The contest footage is released on VHS tape, which you can find now at a few select local dealers.

Shot by Peter Buikema & Alex van Zwietering
Edit by Peter Buikema
Produced by Roland Hoogwater & Peter Kolks
Artwork by Ric van Rest

The Sound of Succes” is a full-length video brought to you by “Your Favorite Boys” a.k.a. The Booticelliboys, straight out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Filmed and edited by Sjoerd Vlemmings and Koen Mulder.

Featuring: Glen Fox, Jamie van Haastere, Max van Broekhuizen, Erik de Jong, Marc Haan, Olympia Guido, Finn Visser ‘t Hooft, Nosa Ketting, Hugo Snelooper, Mitchel Linger, Tjerk Oosting, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Florian Dalhuijsen, Allard van der Veen, Tycho Henskes, Rihards Bondars, Quinten Montroos, Simon de Boer, Federico da Fies, Yung Kipnugget, Joep Withagen, Dax Vismale, Levi Verspeek, Mees van Rijckevoorsel, Paolo Banfi, Sjoerd Vlemmings, Daniel Kim, Jason Sinawi, Lokesh Rawat, Willem van Dijk, Othmar van Rijswijk & Koen Mulder.

Alright, Frank is back! After all that out of business talk they finally decided to push on and make a trip to Amsterdam (and a bit of Rotterdam). That in itself is not a reason to watch this video, Dallas’ line at the 0:37 mark, him skating a Robotron “Free Bifi” board and a strong Niklas Hallman cameo is though.

All in all, a cool video to start off your Sunday skate session with!

Another one from our Dutch friends. This time you will get Amsterdam, Rotterdam & The Hague footage from Alex Raeymaekers, Billy Hoogendijk, Jair Gravenberch, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Othmar van Rijswijk, Willem van Dijk, Hugo Snelooper, Mats Edel, Ali Belhadj, Joffrey Morell and the fastest feet in the game, Mister Glen Fox.

Connected to our “TIME ISSUE” we did not only create a print feature with Fries Tailleu, we also went out and documented our day with him on video. In between the rainy moments, we actually managed to combine a lot of fun activities with some great conversations.

Watch this video to see the action and pick up a magazine to read about the things we talked about.

Video by Peter Buikema.

Photographs by Danny Sommerfeld.

We would like to thank Globe for the support.

We met Fries Taillieu a couple of weeks ago in his new hometown Amsterdam. Fries has got everything it needs to be a professional skater. For some reason we always had the feeling that Arto Sarri took him under his wings; well, those wings are long gone and Fries is already moving on.

A While ago he posted this:

A few months ago I got a phone call from the @globebrand TM @anewblack telling me I would get a colorway on the Eagle shoe. I was working in a cafe at the time and needless to say I handed out drinks with the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the night. this is the result. thank you @globebrand @anewblack @joshbarow for your endless support and belief in me, you made my dream come true ❤️. more info concerning the tour coming tomorrow. a big thank you as well to my girlfriend, friends and family as they stood beside me through skateboarding.

Here is the result:

More of Fries in our upcoming issue! Love you, Fries.

I think at this point we don’t need to mention the skating in these POP clips.
Of course, there are some nice things in here like the two lines by young Jair Gravenberch who is a new addition to the squad or that great last line by PLACE cover boy Alex Raeymaekers! But the thing that immediately caught our eye where some Evisu jeans! If Quartersnacks ever brings back their 30 phattest outfit list Noah will be a strong contender.

Want to find out more about Pop Trading Company check out our article and our documentary about our stay with them last summer.

Afends is a young Australian clothing brand, which is about to expand their markets, and thus, now signed their first European team rieder, namely the Amsterdam based Fries Taillieu. A really great pick if you see the fluent style of Fries in his welcome clip below, which was shot in Belgium during one weekend. We are curious to see more of Afends very soon!

A few weeks ago I was asked to come join a trip to Amsterdam. We met up with the guys from Pop Trading Co. to work on the article featured in the latest issue of Place. Whilst the weather was great, we went out skating with these guys every day. I took my camera with me and captured everything that went down in the interesting scenery of the Dutch capital.

Read the article here.

Video and text by Peter Buikema

We are happy to announce Peter Buikema from The Netherlands as one of our new interns. Peter was already working for us in Amsterdam last August and just a few weeks later we invited him again to ‘The Dam’ for our release of the new issue.

Together with Alex O’Donahoe, Bobby Groves, Tjark Thielker, Budget Beuker and the rest of the PLACE crew we decided to stay for the long weekend to go out skating, of course. The result is our brand new series “Pete’s B&B” and this is our first episode!

Photo by Friedjof Feye.

Last week PLACE issue 58 landed in the mail. Tradition says when an issue is done it is time to host a party. This time it had to be Amsterdam. And that was our gut feeling talking. Trust your gut, people! So, when the time came, we linked up with the people from POP Trading Company & G’s to set the right atmosphere, it all turned out well and it was a great evening.

Special Thanks to Levi’s Skateboarding Collection.

All photos by Friedjof Feye & Daniel Pannemann.

This coming Friday,October 7th, we are proud to launch ‘The Handshake’ issue Nr.58

Together with Pop Trading Company and support from Levi’s we would like to invite you to celebrate the launch of our newest issue together with us at Gs Bar on the Ferdinand Bolstraat 158 in Amsterdam.
The Party will start at 10PM and end at around 3AM.

Music will be played by:

Max Abysmal
Bert Bert
Rik Payne
Jazzy Jasper

At the start of the evening, we will have a showing of Europe Co.’s New Full Length „Autobahn“. The video will premiere at 10pm.

For more information and updates go to our Facebook event by clicking the link bellow.


See you in Amsterdam!