We met Fries Taillieu a couple of weeks ago in his new hometown Amsterdam. Fries has got everything it needs to be a professional skater. For some reason we always had the feeling that Arto Sarri took him under his wings; well, those wings are long gone and Fries is already moving on.

A While ago he posted this:

A few months ago I got a phone call from the @globebrand TM @anewblack telling me I would get a colorway on the Eagle shoe. I was working in a cafe at the time and needless to say I handed out drinks with the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the night. this is the result. thank you @globebrand @anewblack @joshbarow for your endless support and belief in me, you made my dream come true ❤️. more info concerning the tour coming tomorrow. a big thank you as well to my girlfriend, friends and family as they stood beside me through skateboarding.

Here is the result:

More of Fries in our upcoming issue! Love you, Fries.