Hello and welcome back to an all-new episode of Place Television. Episode 4 sees us take a deep dive behind the scenes of the mysterious and ever-changing Dime x Vans Pop-Up. We also ventured out into the streets during the Paris Fashion Week and managed to meet some very interesting people, some of those coming close to muttering the classic words “I am not here to make friends, I am here to win!”

After that, we needed some words of wisdom so we had a chat with Geoff Rowley about his vision on life and the rerelease of his XLT’s. In the end, we discovered that blue and green are Geoff’s favorite colors, and pound for pound the weasel is the most ferocious predator!

Finally, even after we rode the carousel, got yelled at during the DIME event, and even asked an artist to render the XLT, it boiled down to one simple question: what do people think of the Rowley x Dime XLT?

Hosted by Lea Isabell Uhle.

Photos By Lea Isabell, Roland Hoogwater & Daniel Pannemann.

Text & Video By Roland Hoogwater.

Supported By Vans.

Special Thanks To CHASR.