In the last week of July we decided to make a trip to Montreal, Canada. Our good friends Friedjof Feye and Jonathan Peters have been out there for already three weeks when we got to the city on the east coast. I have pictured it way different, maybe because I always had a very romantic image in my head, when i thought about Northern American cities. But actually, in the end, we always ended up in the industrial part of the city. And those areas always have had the most romantic look to it and so does the industrial architecture in Canada. Especially on a Sunday. When no one is around and it seems like a ghost town. On the other side, the Downtown part of the city is comparable with any other major city in Canada, the USA or even Australia. Allthough, it is more peaceful! But we already decided to have a look around the outskirts of Canada’s second biggest town. With a group of around five guys we were wandering the empty streets and I think each one of us was documenting in a quite different way. Fidi was using a Olympus Mju 1 and his Fuji 200 – Here’s a few snap shots: