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The VX1000 and the colors of the Netherlands are a perfect match and it’s even better if it’s filmed by the master lensmen Sneep and Ziggy. Lean back and enjoy some very fine skateboarding presented by Vans.

Today as part of our second “Creating Lines” release we are proud to present multiple young talents, first, filmer Kadir Küçük who came up with this concept around the theme of “change”. Secondly, Mano Wolf a name or face you might have seen before if you are Dutch but one you will see on the international stage more and more as time goes on.

They together managed to pull off this partly futuristic piece of cinematography in convincing fashion. Read about their experience bellow:

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Film/edit by Kadir Küçük.
Photography by Martijn van Velden.

With a theme like change, most might think of the past and portray what has changed. To me, I thought it would be more interesting and fun to make a prediction of the future (maybe unrealistic).

There is one episode of rocket power where they skate with Tony Hawk and what stuck with me was that they skate a partially glowing skateboard, I thought that recreating that might look cool and futuristic. So I did some research on how to make a skateboard glow in the dark and in the end, I found out that glow powder with some epoxy resin made it work.

It was quite hard filming with that setup though, since you need to recharge the glow powder with light for it to light up at it’s maximum. We had to charge it up about every 3 tries or so, sometimes the spot was too bright and we had to recharge it every try for the board to actually shine.

For this project we were given a month time by Creating Lines to finish a video, most of the people probably went filming right away but I spend the first 2 weeks just researching and trying to make a “glow in the dark” skateboard. And with the filming process being quite time-consuming it ended up being a struggle but I am actually hyped I didn’t go the easy route and still managed to pull it all off just a couple days past the deadline.

Last week PLACE issue 58 landed in the mail. Tradition says when an issue is done it is time to host a party. This time it had to be Amsterdam. And that was our gut feeling talking. Trust your gut, people! So, when the time came, we linked up with the people from POP Trading Company & G’s to set the right atmosphere, it all turned out well and it was a great evening.

Special Thanks to Levi’s Skateboarding Collection.

All photos by Friedjof Feye & Daniel Pannemann.

The Dutch homies from Pop Trading Co. Just had a nice little article in the latest Free Mag and to commemorate this event they released a longer Pop clip in collaboration with Free Mag. There is a lot of nice skating in this one but the first line is an Amsterdam classic.

Once again the guys from the Pop Trading Company come through with the newest edition of their famous black and white clips. This time Amsterdam is the city of choice! Featuring: Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Noah Bunink, Alex Raeymaekers, Mats Edel, Bob Groot, Othmar van Rijswijk and Ali Belhadj.