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Always good to see Hamburg through the eyes of Nizan Kasper.

Featuring Christoph Friedmann, Niklas Speer v. Cappeln, Lars Zimmermann, Daniel Meyer, Leonid Yanevskiy, Dominik Selke, Benny Vogel, Tjark Damerius & Finn Nietz.

What do you do when you have walked through your city over a million times? You are probably trying to find new roads around the good old town. Stanley WE & Lobby Skateshop went a bit further, took the old concept of Hamburg’s famous Labskaus Jam format and got everyone on a boat cruise through the Hanseatic city. Hamburg knows how to throw a party!

Filmed & edited by Nizan Kasper.

Extended Play meaning:
1. extended play (record, tape, etc.)
2.an extended-play single, one of the formats in which music is sold, usually comprising four or five tracks.

Welcome to Cleptomanicx’s newest offering “Extended Play” which is aptly titled because it is in fact not a full length but also not a single.
It is a mid-length video created by Nizan Kasper who used musical terminology to give these 10 to 15-minute videos a suitable name. To strengthen the reference, he divided the project into a side-A and a Side-B with two “tracks” on each side.


nizan web
Nizan Kasper produced this EP.

Similar to an EP there is a single on this recording, and there are album cuts. Like the team montage, which features one of Denis Laaß’ best tricks ever, we guess the music reminded him of the 90’s and sparked something!

Another great album cut is Niklas’ 50-50, Nosewheelie nollie flip and David Conrads vert trick which came as a surprise to many.

Benny Vogel, Nizan and Lars, footy check.

But in the end, people often buy the EP to listen to the single and that single is Benny Vogel and Lars Zimmermann’s welcome part. Pop and creativity are what they bring to the table with a classic “Day before the premiere” type of ender. Let hope Hamburg is proud of what they achieved because this is not an everyday thing.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-18 om 12.53.42

Now press play and enjoy all that this EP has to offer.

Text By Roland Hoogwater.
Photos by Nizan Kasper.

By chance I have met Ilja Judizki at my local skate park in Berlin earlier this year. On my question why he hadn’t been seen for so long he answered that he actually already moved from Berlin to Vienna because he needed some change of the scenery at least for a while and was only in town to take care of some things. Watching this part I got the impression that his decision to leave Berlin behind was obviously the right one. As well as I know Ilja being really critical of his own skating I am also fairly sure that this is a full part he is satisfied with. And he definitely can be!

I clearly remember when this project started, I was talking to Leon Rudolph and I asked: “Why don’t you do full-length videos anymore?” He answered: “Right now, I just don’t want to wait to put something out.” Leon did do a lot this year, he did some stuff for Converse Cons, Cleptomanicx and a couple of independent short videos. So an idea crept into our mind, what if we ask Leon to remix his 2016 work into one longer project? He loved the idea, and from that moment we started to talk regularly about the project, Leon would bring up ideas and started working on the project, he even found a date and a location to premiere the project. Yesterday the video had its premiere in Kassel it premiered together with Jonathon the Dog’s new project. So with, that out the way we are proud to introduce to you Leon Rudolph’s newest project “U Already Know” for PLACE, Enjoy!

Featuring: Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Hess, Jan Hoffmann, Daniel Pannemann, Hyun Kummer (Versace_Germany), Jun Kummer (Seoul_air), Steffen Grap, Franz Grimm, Max Sand, Moritz Alte and much more.

This one is heavy and it seems that Jan Hoffmann is going faster than ever. In the office, we are big fans of Jan, especially since he found himself a fitting pair of trousers that he feels comfortable in. This is talent speaking – congratulations, Dolphin! You definitely did deserve this. Enough with the words now:

Filmed by Leon Rudolph.


Today at 6pm we will show you exclusively Jan Hoffmann’s new full part and to say the least, it is quite a heavy one. Before that you get the first look at Jan’s Pro Board for Robotron Skateboards and Cleptomanicx now, by showing you the snapshot recap of his surprise party at the Attitude Skateshop in Bremen last weekend. Jan got his shirt, the board of course and a first video premiere, surrounded by all his loved ones. All Photos by Friedjof Feye. Make sure to come back at 6pm ;).

Jan Waage is a legend. Maybe even the first guy i ever heard of being one. People have his last name on a t-shirt, (shout out to Tjark Thielker) just because, and after all these years, he still looks good on a skateboard. Not to mention the beautiful scenery of France/Biarritz. Thank you Cleptomanicx and Sean Nguyen.

The Clepto guys ventured out into the country to skate some spots that they would not normally skate, instead of only going to some big German cities they searched for spots in other (possibly greener) pastures. Escaping the fast pace of the city but risking the wrath of some small town people that did not want to see their peace and quiet taken away from them by some skateboarders. In the end, things seemed to have turned out for the best and they got some pretty nice moves on camera.

Photo by Friedjof Feye

Yesterday you had the chance to learn a lot about Dutch Light – now it’s time to see Dennis Laass, Tjark Thielker, Niklas Speer von Cappeln and Jan Hoffmann in action. Here’s the clip from Cleptomanicx’ trip to Holland. Filmed and edited by Lucas Fiederling – press play:

Dutch Light is a phenomenon that has its origins in 19th-century literature. Historians started writing about this special light that only seemed to exist in The Netherlands. It was widely believed that the phenomenon first showed up in 17th-century Dutch landscape paintings. As it turned out, the 17th-century artists who painted those pictures often also worked on other assignments that fit in with their artistic practice. When researching these artists more closely, historians discovered that most of these artists were also employed by the government. They had been assigned to study the Dutch landscape with the help of early measuring tools. And among many things, these studies led to some of the first maps showing the country as it is today.

Dennis Laass – Siderock

The governmental research missions also gave the artists an opportunity to study the landscape in several aspects. During these studies, they experienced something special:
It was a distinct kind of light, not the bright equalizing sort of light that artists in the south of Europe were painting, neither was it comparable to the ever-changing light that one might find in Great Britain or Scandinavia. Intrigued by the phenomenon, they came up with an explanation: Because most of the Netherlands sits below sea level, it was first believed that the effect was created by the sea moving in and out of the land.

TjarkThielker-ollie up-kickflipwallride-Groningen
Tjark Thielker – Ollie Up Kickflip Wallride

When word of Dutch Light spread through 19th-century writings, artists from all over the globe became enchanted by the light and came to the Netherlands to capture it in their paintings. These pilgrimages gave artists the perspective that it was not just the sea causing the effect, it was mainly the fact that the water was everywhere at once. And on top of that, it needed to be accompanied by sunlight. When these conditions were met, it created a “double landscape,” which magnified all things in its presence. Trees seemed to become greener, the sky looked especially blue and the red brick buildings seemed illuminated for a brief moment.

Niklas Speer von Cappeln – BS 5-O

Unfortunately, “Hollands Licht” – or Dutch Light – is not easily found, especially in the ever-changing Dutch climate. Some of you who might have traveled to this fair country might have experienced days where grey clouds packed with rain, hail, or snow have been almost instantly replaced by sunlight. This is because most of the country is flat, and the wind is free to bring on rapid change. When the right conditions are met and if you are lucky, you might be able to see some Dutch Light.

Cleptomanicx took a group of their finest riders – Dennis Laass, Tjark Thielker, Niklass Speer von Cappeln and Jan Hoffmann – to the Dutch city of Groningen, to try and capture this fleeting moment when all the conditions are just right to create something special.

Jan Hoffmann – Beanplant

by Roland Hoogwater
Photos: Friedjof Feye

The brandnew PLACE issue 53 will be available through skateshops, selected retailers, newsstands and of course at the Bright Tradeshow this week. Having an anonymous skater on the front-page is new to us and maybe in general a more unusual thing, rationally speaking. The titel “It could have been you” takes the anonymity and rather indicates each and every one one of us – one more of the other less. Take the time, enjoy the read and let the sunshine in:

MORE about our new Issue.

The brandnew PLACE issue 53 just arrrived at the office and will be available through skateshops, selected retailers and newsstands on next Monday, July 6th. For this one we tried to think inside the box and question ourselves: what does perfection mean and does skateboarding need to be perfect at all? What do you think? You’ll find our point of view in the newest issue of all time featuring the following:

Cover: “It could have been you” by Danny Sommerfeld

Think Inside The Box

MOB in Alicante – Good Times In The Front, Kicktail In The Back

Giorgi Armani – Qartulli Stili

The Death Of The Robot – Vans In Rotterdam

Behind The Scenes – Isle Skateboards feat. Nick Jensen & Paul Shier Interviews

8 Days A Week – Pleasecharge in London, Paris & Berlin

Where Have You Been, Madars Apse?

Dutch Light – Cleptomanicx in Groningen

California, California – Cameron Strand

Watch out for the official launch event on wednesday, July 8th.! More infos soon.

A very close friend of the whole office crew and the unbeaten king of BS Wallride Nollie’s. His skating is like listening to a very good tune, while you are having an extented brunch, sitting in a very nice and sunny garden. Tjark Thielker is one of the finest: